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  • mikiesmoky mikiesmoky Feb 21, 2005 10:23 PM Flag


    Truisms by Harvey with Responses by Me:

    by: canucanoe1 02/19/05 12:29 pm
    Msg: 79500 of 79762
    Message No. 79500: �...Gold is money. One doesn't tax money in its basic state. One taxes the use of money.�
    MY RESPONSE: I am sure that the gold traders would love to trade gold without paying tax on their gains. It might even stimulate price manipulation to enable them to move the price like a sine curve, buying at bottoms and selling at tops.

    Re: Gold is a Roth IRA
    by: canucanoe1 02/19/05 10:56 am
    Msg: 79484 of 79763
    If someone wants gold, buys it with tax'd wages, there is no reason to pay taxes on it.
    MY RESPONSE: Can someone buy gold with income from muni-bonds? LOL
    Can someone buy other investments or collectibles and not pay taxes? LOL

    �The value of gold does not change. It is the value of the dollar that decreased. Therefore, no taxes are appropriate from a retirement perspective or a dollar perspective.�
    MY RESPONSE: That is too easy to make you look stupid.
    Does it mean anything to you that gold went from around $200 to over $800, then to $260, and now, back to around $430.00. What is your definition of �change�???

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    • RE: Can someone buy other investments or collectibles and not pay taxes? LOL

      >> you can buy and sell collectable cars and avoid the paper trail..and thus the taxes.....but ofcourse it is not legal (dont get the wino guy)

    • QWAK,alpha,Bankers are at BEST a nessary EVIL to be able to FUNCTION in what has be come the "MODERN WORLD", they are like other strange creatures that FEED on the BLOOD of other creatures for their sustence.

      The REAL problem comes when the BANKERS get TOO HUNGRY and and take TOO much BLOOD or too many BANKERS nibble the entire PUBLIC in to a state of ENEMIA and sort of a LIVING DEAD "SLAVE" state of being.

      For indiviguals, the REALY BIG problem comes when they run out of BLOOD and the BANKERS eat them WHOLE, in BIG BITES.

      They may be SMILING when they LOAN you money but THAT is because YOU are FEEDING them, and they are FATTENING YOU UP, so you can BETTER FEED THEM, even MORE!

      Other than the fact that the bankers actualy produce NOTHING and LIVE off of the people who DO and the BANKERS tend to live MUCH better.

      I have no more problem with BANKERS than I do with LEACHES and TICKS,I just try to AVOID them and get RID of them as quickly as posable should they get in to my life.

      PS: I like TICKS more than BANKERS,if they get on me they are easier to pull off than BANKERS and they make a FUN POP sound when I SQUISH them-------Can't do THAT with BANKERS! They got LAWS! :)

      HE HE HE
      the DUCK

    • i dont know where you'r getting your info on the housing market....but it is all wet...did you drop it in the hot tub while trying to read it????????..

      also...first you say..refi mkt has dried up..then you say in same post every one with an arm (and u said many many of those floating around). is scrambling fast as they can to re fi..........IF you can conclude something from those 2 are ONE WISE BIRD

    • from the chris mayer artice i pasted earierjust in case you missed it,,,

      "Financial survivors of the 1937-38 meltdown were like the survivors of other panics -

      they had cash; were not overburdened with debts; were patient; and stuck with the tried-and-true, having shunned the latest investment fads."

      >> note-- "latest investment fads"

    • Taking Qs from the Argentine Exchecquer. Now that is a good one.


    • Stop pulling hte Ducks tail feathers. You are being much too subtle.


    • Dah.. Bear.. Of course I knew you didnt write it. Dah.


    • REGARDING: Michael, I'm not sure what your new forecast is. The last one's were for gold to sink to around $325. Terribly wrong predictions.

      RESPONSE: Harvey AKA canue AKA "mental-midget", when will you respond directly to a post?
      My post was to analyze the current price of gold. Did you respond to that? No!
      Thus, your "input" is worthless.

    • Michael, my post should have been a bit clearer, although many may have understood I was talking not about new home purchases, but re-mortgaging the same asset. I'm sorry you didn't see that. Then again, maybe you did and just wanted to throw rocks. AFter all, you probably see benefits from short sighted retired folks paying a monthly mortgage.

    • REGARDING: Guess your still a bit slow on the draw today as well, Harvey. I had really hoped that I when I chose a coin which is inarguably money, but is "traded" due to its numismatic value, you would make the connection that gold, while once money and often a medium of exchange, is today an asset play like platinum. Apparently I have failed.

      RESPONSE: You have not failed.
      It is Harvey, who has failed and failed and failed..........................

      I just got an idea, which may (10%) work.
      Watch for my posting!!
      It is similar to your example.

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