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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Feb 22, 2005 5:16 PM Flag

    Minus 105, Thanks, Georgie <EOM>

    QWAK,maud,No one can fault YOUR patrotism, but your OBJECTIVITY and that CANNED speach went out with the 60s and telling HIPPIES "LOVE it or LEAVE IT!"----it was WRONG and incorect THEN and is ALL the more so NOW!

    We are a heart beet away from having a POLIECE STATE every ware in the USA today!

    More than EVER befor you MUST watch what you say and many things just said in jest could get you and DOES get people in BIG trouble!

    The COPS are JUMPY and armed to the teeth and a LOT more DANGEROUS and likely to SHOOT you if you make a wrong move.

    We just had a local resterant owner shot and killed by 3 cops answering a berglary call----OOPS! It is happening a LOT more often than most people realise!

    Our government is using and spreading FEAR to JUSTIFY lots more COPS and COP weponery that DOES get turned on the public!

    Almost EVERY town has a SWAT unit now and many have ARMORED ASAULT vehicals and fully AUTOMATIC WEAPONS,body armor,TASRs, and lots of NEW JAILS, they have spent MANY BILLIONS to control DISGRUNTALED and UNHAPPY AMERICANS!

    Perhaps your ROSE COLLORED PATRIOT glasses need a NEW PERSCRIPTION??

    the DUCK

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    • Duck,
      you MISS THE POINT entirely.

      One is welcome to be - even expected to be - critical and watchful of government. Its not only our RIGHT, its our RESPONSIBILITY.

      But to REVEL in the misfortune of others to advance one's political beliefs is beyond the pale.

      To celebrate higher fuel costs and the corresponding market drop, to laud criminal negligence, and to hope for more casualties in a a war just so you can say "i told you so!" is disgusting and revolting.

      Too many liberals what to be right AT ANY COST. They would rather see america and american interests destroyed to prove themselves right.

      And they so often call themselves intellectuals! I have degrees from two of the top universities in the country - I've studied philosophy and morality too, like them. What bothers me is when self-appointed "deep thinkers" ignore their own moral compass, setting aside "right" in favor of power and prestige. Oh, the hypocrisy!

      Indeed, what they cannot abide is that GWB HAS a moral compass - he doesn't just say things for political expediency. He means it. And though I don't always agree, I respect it. But That's anathema to the liberal ethos. Its considered naive to not see "shades of gray" in every issue. Again, envy rears its head. For a liberal to be certain on an issue is to betray his/her training/indoctrination in moral & cultural equivalency.

      So, in the end, they rail against everything they see from the other side, and find themselves betraying what is good and true about our country - And only to prove that their lives of study and introspection were worth it. They must justify their choices, their very rasion d'etre. Yet in doing so they undermine their own credibility and weaken the underpinnings of this miraculous example of democracy.

      What a farce!

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      • Morality, Maude is more and more like assholes every day. You find W moral. Fine. I find him a hypocrite of the first order.

        I find persons such as yourself, morality fools. If we all just lived by the Golden Rule, we would be a hell of alot better off. Keep your nose out of my bedroom.


      • QWAK,maud,The problem with "GWB HAS a moral compass" is that his compass is or has been missdirected by a small HIDDEN MAGNET called GREED and it points ware ever the ones who control the magnet want it to point!

        Threw out HISTORY none of the BAD leaders or GOVERNMENTS saw them selves as BAD, to the CONTRARY they always had lots of rationalisation and their own JUSTIFICATION for every thing they DID or wanted to do.

        They ALSO had lots of BLIND followers who would ZELLOTLY (sp)defend and atack any who would dare resist what they called PROGRESS and of corse they ALL had GOD on their side.

        Hitler and his bunch were CHRISTIONS and shared the BOOTY with the CHURCH and the POPE and his guys helped by looking the other way and even suplied false papers and a back door get away!

        It is IMPOSABLE to see REALITY from INSIDE the BUBBLE, it is only AFTER it POPS and from the distence of time that it becomes OBVIOUS how twisted and absured the erational need for power to control others had driven the leaders and people of nations in to actions that can only be described as MADNESS!

        When GREED by GOVERNMENT stresses people they react by becoming HOSTILE and VIOLENT and unfortunately it is almost always missdirected at every one and every thing other than the actual cause of the distress and meniacle (sp) leaders tend to use and focus that energy to help them achieve goals that are not only WRONG but ultimitly so wrong that if actualy achieved would likely destroy ALL of HUMANITY!

        the DUCK

      • dont bother with the new prescription the duck suggested....your vision is fine..


    • QWAK,maud,Not to put TOO fine a point on it BUT--- the SUPREAM Court has agreed to hear a case dealing with the BUSH administration wanting to set aside a persons "RIGHT TO DIE" in Oragon! That's a FACT----JACK!

      Not only does the GOV. want to control every aspect of how we LIVE but also our "RIGHT to DIE"!

      Talk about INVAIDING ones PRIVACY and WAY over steping what GOVERNMENTS were INTENDED to do!

      What NEXT a licence FEE and PERMIT to get DEAD, with what ever TAXES they deam APROPRIATE!

      I expect mikeysmokey to agree with this one and PAY the TAX and FEES befor he even THINKS about CROKING! :)It's the HONIST tax payer THING to DO!

      the DUCK

      HE HE HE

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