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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Feb 25, 2005 11:45 AM Flag

    Minus 105, Thanks, Georgie <EOM>

    Maude it is you that is the loser. And what is wrong with oral sex. Perhaps you would prefer that they have traditioanl sex in the missionary positon and get pq.

    And you chose to blame it on President Clinton. If busy body's like yourself would keep out of others; bedrooms, how would this have been a story.

    Further, do you not own a tv. Do you fail to watch. Has the sensualization and sexualization in shows been lost on you. And why do you htink this is. Could it be that sex feels good. That it has been terribly suppressed and misunderstood and is finally getting out of hte closet. Does that make you feel uncomfortable or inadequate. Are you not getting your enjoyable fair share.

    Most cons don't seem to get their fair share or think that enough is enough. Tehy want ot say what is normal or appropriate for others. Well guess what. Its none of your business. Get over yourselves.

    Understand sex as the emotional feel good activity that it is and teach same to your children without so much guilt and baloney. It is strong drive and has emotional risks. But live with it. Don't put in the closet and speak about it in hushed tones. Enjoy and teach our children to enjoy.


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