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  • bettina_donazetti bettina_donazetti Feb 22, 2005 1:36 PM Flag

    Minus 105, Thanks, Georgie <EOM>


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    • Angel,
      You are a despicable, wretched boil on the ass of humanity.
      You relish misery and misfortune. You welcome strife and death and destruction. You hope for the worst.

      All to justify your weak-minded support of a political party that would bind you in subserviance for the remainder of your meager days.

      You should every day thank Allah, or God, or Gaia, or whatever your favorite deity may happen to be, that you're living in a country where we *do not* have tyranny and injustice, where we *do* have more freedom, more rights and more privilege than any other country on earth.

      Because otherwise, with your warped, blindly-partisan and belligerant political rantings, you'd be nothing more than a bloodstain in some dank and forgotten cinderblock basement.

      And if I wasn't an American, and if I *didn't* value your right to dissent (which I do, even though I KNOW you're a raving lunatic) I would celebrate that day.

      Thank your lucky stars that you have GWB instead of Kerry as your president. Be grateful that GWB and our soldiers will save you from fundamentalist Islam, because Osama, Saddam, et. al. would not be so kind. In North Korea, Kim would shoot you by his own hand. Putin would just have you "disappear." China would at least give you a show trial. In Holland, the muslim radicals have shown that they would quietly murder you on a darkened street. Even Chirac would thrown you in jail for "Hate Speech" the way you talk.

      You are damn lucky to have what you have - maybe you should try it the dictators' way a while before you lament your woes.

      And, by the way, I voted for Bush. You're welcome.

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      • QWAK,maud,No one can fault YOUR patrotism, but your OBJECTIVITY and that CANNED speach went out with the 60s and telling HIPPIES "LOVE it or LEAVE IT!"----it was WRONG and incorect THEN and is ALL the more so NOW!

        We are a heart beet away from having a POLIECE STATE every ware in the USA today!

        More than EVER befor you MUST watch what you say and many things just said in jest could get you and DOES get people in BIG trouble!

        The COPS are JUMPY and armed to the teeth and a LOT more DANGEROUS and likely to SHOOT you if you make a wrong move.

        We just had a local resterant owner shot and killed by 3 cops answering a berglary call----OOPS! It is happening a LOT more often than most people realise!

        Our government is using and spreading FEAR to JUSTIFY lots more COPS and COP weponery that DOES get turned on the public!

        Almost EVERY town has a SWAT unit now and many have ARMORED ASAULT vehicals and fully AUTOMATIC WEAPONS,body armor,TASRs, and lots of NEW JAILS, they have spent MANY BILLIONS to control DISGRUNTALED and UNHAPPY AMERICANS!

        Perhaps your ROSE COLLORED PATRIOT glasses need a NEW PERSCRIPTION??

        the DUCK

    • that last line is funny!!!

    • Alpha, your ship is sinking and you still want to defend his right to lie. Incredible.

    • Michael.. While Canudle often lives in his own world, you have tremendous difficulty dialoging with others that don't share your view. Dr. heal thyself.


    • QWAK,alpha, Want to see a MAGIC TRICK? We could make 3/4 of all the LAWYERS "DISAPEAR" just by LIMITING their FEES to on par with the national average hourly income!

      The SAME TRICK would work in GOVERNMENT TOO!

      POOF GONE! Ware did/would they go ----- IN TO the REAL WORLD with REAL VALUES and life expences!

      the DUCK

    • REGARDING: Michael, through which hole does most of your pain exit?

      RESPONSE: That is your best "shot"??? LOL

      I have heard of weirdoes such as you, who will lie under a glass coffee table to find the answer.
      Another "YUCK"!!!!!

    • harrdy, ,,, no... not TV at all. Direct interaction. Japan's society is about honorable actions putting the society first before the individual. America worships the individual a helluva lot more. You have a twisted view of 'honor'. Akin to Alpha's view of telling a lie. It's not ok to do dishonorable things as long as you don't get caught. That includes Japan, America, Europe, etc. And yes, Japan puts the society first, ahead of the individual. And therefore, the individual would resign before putting the society through a painful experience like Clinton did.

    • QWAK,mikiesmoky, Don't say I diden't help you!

      Here you GO,for under $10.00 a FRAT DETECTOR!

      You will have to find a BADGE your self but as GOD that should be NO big problem for YOU!

      Perhaps you could E-MAIL the tax bills to SAVE on POSTAGE?? :)

      HE HE HE
      the DUCK

    • Maybe, but last time I looked we were not japan.


    • Aside your personality conflict with Mcihael waht did you disagree with in his statments.


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