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  • mr_analchord mr_analchord Mar 17, 2005 7:59 AM Flag

    Hillary vs the Green Monster

    Greenspan's testimony is usually so cautiously worded that it is easily spun by self serving brokers and analysts into good news for their investment outlook.
    For a generation, Greenspan's words have slid under the radar of scrutiny because nobody really understood a word of what he was saying. The popular translations were diluted by the political expedience inherent in corporate pecking order hierarchy. (It means what the boss says it means.)
    However, with the failure of the Administration's attempt to adress the deficit with tax cuts, a rare reality check was offered when Greenspan testified that "everyone was fooled".
    Greenspan also said something foolish: "The budget surpluses were so great in 2000, that it seemed they would last forever."
    Hillary fired back, "Not everyone was fooled, sir."
    If inflation is the only enemy, then Greenspan has been effective.
    However, if Greenspan's benediction of the tax cuts has resulted in our economy being held hostage by a rival country's bond portfolios, then Greenspan has become obsolete, and is now only a comforting father figure consoling his prodigal son with advice to get a newspaper route to pay for the new bike he just financed from the bully at school. ("be more productive with your time")
    "But Dad,
    China Called. They want Taiwan back".
    We could stop buying the Chinese goods, if they dump our bonds, but a trade war can be a prelude to a larger impending conflict.

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    • alph...good buddy..IF you are going to be a member of the have got to get along with the rest of club members....

      >> when in doubt re what to't post...(hope that is helpful)

      PS..i'll get back to you on reits over the week end...( i think spg is on sale...however..they may all crash)

    • he's a "do gooder"..well intentioned (imho)but somewhat (vs terribly) mis-guided regarding same

    • FiBs.. I enjoyed your absence. When do you leave again.


    • Anyone else note that alf loves his own moral majority icon(?)


    • Carter was the ultimate outsider to the congressional Democrats who had their own agenda. YOu can describe it as poor leadership but it would only compound your ignorance.

      Unfortunately the rest of your post was of similar misleading and misstatements.


    • QWAK,analchord,Just perhaps, "THINK" for one moment, that "LIFE" IS the ultimit "PARADOX" or and THIS could REALY scare YOU----------------------------------a PARA-DUCKS! :) HE HE HE

      the DUCK

    • I should have known you'd reply with another paradoxical whiz bang non sequitur bunch of "Look at the universe upside down through a two way mirror and stick your head up your ass" post.
      You are hopeless, fried, gone.
      You are officially out of the think tank, and even if you wrote, "I was a dirty bird, analchord's not grungy, he's bitchin," for a thousand years, people will still say, "the duck was the dumbest dope."
      Do you even know who Grover Norquist is?
      You better google, and you better start reading.

    • Alpha, you again stepped on your d*ck. re:

      >>>YOur ignorance on Carter has really spilled over on this one. Congressional support you say was strong. You got that ass backward. It was the renegades in his party that doomed much of his legislation. Destroy your pretext before you lose all credibility.<<<

      Carter ruled after Watergate. The Dems were on a roll. As you just pointed out, there were many Democrats who bailed on Carter contemporaneously. It confirms my views that he was reactionary and not of leadership material. Your view is countered by your very statements, but only if one has the intelligence to decipher between cause and effect.

    • I do indeed recognize hypocritical morality. Not something you should be proud of.


    • QWAK,analchord, Yes I know and I also UNDERSTAND that GREED is realy about TRYING to CONTROL others rather than CONTROLING ones SELF! IF people CHOSE to GIVE over control they will GET what what they GET and hopfully LEARN in the process.

      I can NOT stop people, nor would I if I could, because FREE WILL is what LIFE is ALL about! DEATH is NOT an END only a transition and LIFE will come AGEN!

      BTW: There IS no SECRIT to HAPINESS---only people who have FORGOTTEN "HOW" to be HAPPY!

      It is realy very SIMPLE:

      Do not WAIST what you HAVE GOT, APRECIATE that YOU have GOT ANY THING,and SHARE with OTHERS who have GOT LESS and NEED what YOU CAN GIVE!

      IF "YOU" do NOT do THIS,no matter WHAT you GOT, YOU will NOT be HAPPY and generly MISERABLE TOO!

      THINK about IT, because IT WORKS! :)

      the DUCK

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