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  • mikiesmoky mikiesmoky Jun 29, 2005 2:46 AM Flag


    On Nightline, a poll indicated that 52% now believe (realize) that President Bush lied to us, taking us into Iraq.

    Anyone, with an ounce of functional gray matter, and who has been reading this board over these past two years should have realized that "fact", long ago.

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    • QWAK,canucanoe,"I think numismatic coins will get their turn during this secular collectibles period." ---- This is likely TRUE however it is highly UNLIKELY that the coins that are being PUSHED on new GOLD CUSTOMERS will be on THAT LIST!

      EXTREAMLY rare coins will always comand a high price however THAT is a very small portion of the coins being sold.

      BULLION COINS are not RARE they are BULLION and will sell for a slight premium over what ever SPOT PRICE is for BULLION. All a NEW investor has to know is that the COINS are REAL, not how they have been graded or how many were minted and how many still exist. Numistic coins are much like ART they come in to fassion and goes back out and are not a predictiable investmentif you have to sell and the timing is bad ,you COULD get much less than you expect especialy if some SALES PERSON got you reved up and believing things that just are not true.

      the DUCK

    • Duck, It's always 'different'. But no, it wasn't. There were valuable assets. Stored. They went poof because no one responsible to the 'members' was protecting the hen house. btw, I think numismatic coins will get their turn during this secular collectibles period. In fact, they may do better than bullion.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,There is SUPOSED to be GOLD in a VAULT in FORT KNOX TOO, but our government has REFUSED to allow an AUDIT since the EARLY 60s ------ sort of makes one WONDER IF it is STILL THERE or like OTHER GOVERNMENT lock boxes, it has been BARROWED and only paper IOUs left behind!

      I believe I prefer my own home made VAULT that no one else knows even exists, but ME! :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,That was a bit diferent as they were suposed to be RARE coins and it was a SCAM from the get go by one man.

      One word of caution how ever when some one starts investing in PMs many dealers WILL try to side track you in to RARE COINS saying they APRECIATE MORE how ever the GRADING process is a GRAY aeria and pricing can varey a lot. With BULLION coins it is just bullion weight that matters and % of content of corse.

      the DUCK

    • The OHIO workman's comp fund thought there were coins in a vault...

    • QWAL,dow_jonz,Another posable alternitive you my want to look in to for buying GOLD short term IN and out with your CC money is this:

      It is PAPER GOLD but there IS real phyical GOLD in a VAULT (suposedly)and baring a RUN on GOLD because of an EXTREAM event of some sort you should be able to get IN and back out with out too much danger.

      the DUCK

    • ---------CONTINUED--------

      The US GOVERNMENT has been, since the 60s selling off ALL the COIN SILVER CHEEP with out the PUBLIC even noticing and NOW, ITS ALL GONE. Industry for over 50 years has been using MORE SILVER than is mined each year and TODAY industry uses more that TWICE as much as is MINED and REINED each year and almost ALL of the ABOVE GROUND SILVER that has EVER BEEN MINED and REFINED has been USED UP and is GONE FOR EVER! THAT is a FACT!!

      Today a barrel of OIL is over $60.00 and we have reached GLOBAL PEAK OIL from here on it will get a LOT MORE EXPENCIVE OIL and SILVER, they should historicly traid at a rate of 1 oz. to 1 barrel, yet because of MINIPULATION, the price of SILVER today is ONLY $6.85 an ounce!

      The BANKERS and the GOVERNMENT and the BIG INDUSTRIAL USERS of SILVER have reached a point ware it will SOON be OBVIOUS that CHEEP OIL and CHEEP SILVER are ALL GONE and NO ONE will want PAPER for OIL or SILVER or for GOLD for that matter!

      Let me show you the math for 1000 oz. of SILVER today @$7.43 DELIVERED to your door agenst a NEAR FUTURE price of $200.00 an oz. which by the way is just slightly MORE than HALF what the increase was when SILVER hit $50.00.

      1000 oz.@ $7.43 = $7430.00
      1000 oz. @$200.00 = $200,000.00
      $7430.00 X 26.91 = $200,000.00

      WE May have to wait a fiew years, but the SILVER is SAFER than in a BANK,it will NOT evaporate or be DEBASED by BANKERS or GOVERNMENT and there will ALWAYS BE the NEED for SILVER by INDUSTRY, in fact the NEED is growing because it is ESENCIAL for SO many things and the list just keeps growing!

      THAT is WHY the DUCK just bought a BUNCH of SILVER and inversly WHY I will NOT BUY or HOLD any PAPER, as in STOCKS,BONDS or OVER PRICED REALESTATE! The SILVER is REAL the OTHERS are an ILUSION they are ALL basicly linked to DEBT that CAN NOT and will NEVER BE PAYED!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Silver is INCREDABLY CHEEP because the BANKERS and the major USERS of SILVER want and NEED it to be CHEEP and are in a position both ECONOMICLY and POLITICALY to control the PRICE of SILVER and have been doing JUST THAT since the mid 60s when SILVER was taken out of circulation in our money because the BANKERS had by THAT time had already DEVALUED and DEBASED the US DOLLAR so much that the HONIST and FAIR price of SILVER made it TOO EXPENCIVE to make COINS out of and at the SAME time it was becoming an ESENCIAL INDUSTRIAL COMODITY in countless products for which there is NO SUBSTITUTE!

      When the Hunt brothers tried to corner the market on silver at the end of the 70s, it was NOT about SILVER realy, it was about OIL and the RELITIVE VALUE of SILVER to OIL was one to one and it was costing more than a dollar a barrel to produce OIL!

      The BANKERS and GOVERNMENT had by the mid 60s SO debased the currency that the HUNTS who were from a wealthy OIL FAMILY were JUST trying to PROTECT the family fortune from the BANKERS and GOVERNMENT, but were CRUSHED by them insted and to be TOTALY HONIST the USA has been BROKE since the mid 60s and living on CREDIT!

      In 1971,August 15, NIXON DEFAULTED on the international GOLD payments to ALL the COUNTRIES who were holding PAPER US DOLLARS that they by INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT had the RIGHT to exchange for GOLD at the rate of $35.00 an OUNCE! ON AUGUST 15 1971 the USA was and IS to this day BROKE,BUSTED and has been living on CREDIT ever since! That is also WHY the value of the US DOLLAR has FALLEN over 95% since then! THAT is a FACT JACK!

      NOW as for SILVER in 1971 there was an OZ. of SILVER in every silver dollar and similar amounts in half dollrs, quorters and dimes, they WERE 90% SILVER with some copper and nickel to make them HARDER than PURE SILVER and last longer in circulation.

      Since the 80s and the CRUSHING of BOTH the Hunts brothers AND the price of SILVER the amount of SILVER being used has increased greatly and SILVER for the most part gets USED UP and most is LOST FOR EVER and NOT reclamed. What has happened is that most of the SILVER MINES could NOT produce NEW SILVER for what it COST to mine it, so most of the NEW SILVER produced today is just as a BYPRODUCT of mining other more profitable metals mostly COPPER and GOLD.


    • REGARDING: Michael, I don't need to point it out. You read it everyday, you just don't want to objectively understand the reporting. Everyday, civilians, Iraqi police, Iraqi military and local politicians are targetted, killed or maimed. Large numbers. Much larger than Americans.
      RESPONSE: Please gather yourself and try to find where I have ever disagreed with those facts.
      Perhaps, during your �search�, you will come to understand your lack of comprehension.

      REGARDING: Since your math was terribly wrong, you squared your mistake.
      RESPONSE: Please get up off the mat and flail some more. Describe why you have deduced that my �math� is terribly wrong. Better yet�., stay down!

      REGARDING: Ooops, now that I wrote that, maybe this early on a holiday weekend I made a mistake correcting your mistake! Your ratio is set up inversely...
      Anyway... you state only Americans are fighting. Dead wrong.
      RESPONSE: What????
      Please show where I have ever suggested that only Americans are fighting!!!
      You are impossible!!!

    • QWAK,IF this guy is CRAZY than SO am I but I am QUITE SHURE both HE and I ARE TOTALY "SANE" and totaly "RATIONAL", it is our GOVERNMENTS and most people who believe in and TRUST in them that are TOTALY CLUELISS and are giving LEMINGS a BAD NAME! ;)

      You REALY should READ this and just THINK on it befor REJECTING it out of hand!

      This MAN likes to SOUND and TALK like he is CRAZY as it adds HUMOR to what he wrights BUT with out the HUMOR it would be what it actualy IS, an ECONOMIC DISASTOR beyond the proportions most could IMAGIN and it IS TOTALY REAL and it is OUT THERE and our LEADERS KNOW IT!

      the DUCK

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