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  • bikelady2002 bikelady2002 Jul 7, 2005 8:08 AM Flag


    May we all bow our heads and give a prayer for our friends in London England.

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    • ~~bear... I've heard it all from Michael. Now we serve at a 'quasi' democratic institution! quasi... => fantasy incarnate. As Michael has presented, I guess we should dumbed down democracy and relinquish control of our future to 'quasi' ruling bodies. ~~

      Michael is beyond hope. I knew that but I am a weak human being.

      Michael, where can I find this 'quasi' democratic paradise here on this rock? Enquiring minds want to know.....


    • QWAK,Bear Some times I do cut and paist but that ONE was ALL ME!:)

      the DUCK

    • you write all this stuff yourself....or are you cuttin and pastin most of it.....

      >>> regarding storms...tis a long time till nov (end of hurricane season)....i've got an old atomic bomb shelter in the yard...too much wind i'll go down there and wait it out...and hope the tide don't swell up to high and drown me

    • QWAK,"The MOB" is a term that goes back to ANCIENT ROME and is generly intended to mean the MASSES of CITIZENS who must be SATISFIED or they will TURN on the LEADERS and one way or another and REMOVE them, in ROME that usualy ment KILLING THEM as VIOLENTLY as POSABLE! ;)

      The PROBLEM with DEMOCRACY or the extended version a REPUBLIC, is that at the time of its creation the seeds of its DISTRUCTION are also SOWEN! No DEMOCROCY has EVER lasted because as the PEOPLE (MOB) begin to realise that threw voting they can DRAW on the RESOURCES of the GOVERNMENT they begin to DO JUST THAT and eventualy they DRAW so much that the GOVERNMENT goes BROKE!

      The GOVERNMENT has fiew choices to remain in power or control, EXPAND and GROW taking in NEW LAND and the RESOURCES from the new lands OR/AND to DEBASE the CURRENCY. Both the USA and ROME have done THAT and WE did it a WHOLE LOT FASTER! :) The END RESULT will ALSO be the SAME and it will ALSO happen much FASTER!

      I supose we could build a huge COLICEAM and start mass EXICUTIONS, but WE have OPTED for ORGANISED SPORTS in OUR COLASEAMS and let the EXICUTIONS happen ON and IN the STREETS, in a DISORGANISED FASSION! Six of ONE half DOZEN of another, the RESULT is about the SAME!

      With a GLOBALISED BANKING and ECONOMIC SYSTEM based on FIAT CURRENCY and that based on DEBT, it is just a matter of TIME for a segnifigent EVENT to occure and bring the hollowed out economic structure DOWN! When DEBT can NOT be REPAYED the system CAN ABSORB a conciderable amount of DEFAULT, how ever at SOME POINT "CRITICAL MASS" is achieved and an UNSTOPABLE CHAIN REACTION must and WILL OCCURE!

      Managing to AVOID that "CRITICAL MASS" is what the FED and CENTRAL BANKING is realy all about, but what it ALL boils down to is a HUGE and extreamly complex GAME of ROBING Peter to PAY Paul and eventualy when Paul wants what is HIS BACK and can't get it or the equivlent there of WELLllllllll ------ YOU got BIG TROUBLE in RIVER CITY! :)

      NO ONE can say JUST when but at some point and it is ALWAYS SOONER than people HOPE it will be, the S**T WILL HIT the FAN and this time it will be BIGER then it has EVER been in HISTORY, because DEBT is biger than it has EVER BEEN in HISTORY!

      Personaly I AVOID MOBS, I don't believe THEY would be much FUN, at least NOT for this DUCK! ;)

      the DUCK

    • RE: As for your question, "What is a mob?", I think you can answer your own question.

      >> i wouldn't bet on least he won't be able to answer it without another question

    • REGARDING: Michael, my presentation was not partisan.
      RESPONSE: Sorry, but I do not understand the relevance of that statement.

      REGARDING: As for your question, "What is a mob?", I think you can answer your own question.
      RESPONSE: Certainly���
      From -
      Mob: The mass of common people; the populace.

      RECOMMENDATION: Take a course in debate.
      Your �techniques� are worthless.
      In fact, they are unworthy of any type of meaningful communication.

    • Michael, my presentation was not partisan. We were discussing what is a 'democracy' and our relationship to a non-governmental bureaucratic organization, the UN. As for your question, "What is a mob?", I think you can answer your own question.

    • REGARDING: Rule by the mob is not permitted for obvious reasons.

      RESPONSE: Are you defining the People of the U.S. as a "mob", and that this "mob" must be "controlled"?
      Could the tools of control by this Administration be religion, lies, and fear?

    • Michael, don't go off on a tangent. You declared "quasi" democracy for the UN. The same applies to every so called democratic institution, for they all have checks and balances. Rule by the mob is not permitted for obvious reasons. A realist recognizes this and would still say it is a democracy. As for the UN, it is not a Government, quasi or otherwise. It is a discussion group that various nations will periodically lend some legitimacy to.

    • Canudle has problems grasping other's opinions. He has his own interpretation of history and damn if facts will get in its or his way.


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