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  • dointhedog04 dointhedog04 Jul 9, 2005 10:18 PM Flag


    If all economic/political systems are based on the exploitation of the mass by a few in power, are we gradually headed for a meltdown in societal order? The greedy "few" load up the world with weapons and tools for the insurgency so is it unrealistic to think that the repressed will not use them against the "masters"?

    Is the US becoming increasingly dominated by the hyper-rich and stooges in govt that support their every wish? Is the middle class being gradually disassembled by anti-union, free-market rich that want a return to laissez faire capitalism and govt? We should all beware the tendencies of those in power to assemble for themselves financial security at the expense of those less empowered. Shouldn't we?


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    • QWAK,Thease people will be "BUGS on the WINDSHIELD", but with enough of THEM on the windshield it will likely cause a "PILE UP" and even the people who have been carfull and even PRUDENT, will have a hard time avoiding being COUGHT UP in the PILE UP on the HIGH SPEED ECONOMIC HIGH WAY!

      You may be SMART and SAFE in what YOU do and how YOU DO IT, but with SO MANY being FOOLISH there is no way to be totaly SAFE or SHURE "IT" won't get YOU TOO!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Talk about people who are TOTALY SET UP for a major confrontation with REALITY!

      They are SOoooooooooo far beyond "CLUELESS" that even ONE CELLED BACTERIA have a better grasp of REALITY and ECONOMICS!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Bear,They got a BIG problem with THAT IDEA on MANY LEVELS!

      First in less it is held in accounts by a third party there is no way to know it is there or even exists.

      Second even back in the 30s when the GOV. stole peoples GOLD, very fiew who had physical posesion actualy turned it in.

      Third IF they actualy TRYED to TAX PHYSICAL GOLD there would be GLOBAL REPROCUSIONS and seeing as there is so little PHYSICAL GOLD actualy being held by privet indiviguals today, it just would not be praticle. Most of the GOLD people THINK they got is REALY PAPER GOLD and it does NOT actualy EXIST!

      Back in the 30s both physical GOLD and SILVER were circulating as COINAGE and paper money could be exchanged for GOLD or SILVER and CONSFICATION was done IN and FROM the BANKS. The GOVERNMENT actualy OPENED safe (?) deposit boxes and REPLACED $20.00 1 oz. GOLD EAGLES with NEW $20.00 federal reserve NOTES,then the GOVERNMENT promtly raised the price of GOLD to $35.00 an oz.!

      Granted there IS a residual FEAR that our GOVERNMENT may or COULD try to do somting similar agen, but it is EXTREAMLY unlikely and there is no real pratical way to do such a thing as there was back in the 30s.

      the DUCK

    • i heard they were gonna start taxing privately held gold holdings....(no link available)

    • "...your rope was not cut with a scissors..."
      Scissors cuts paper, and paper covers rock, moron.

    • "...whose gonna rec an analchord post, Morons? Zombies? Drag Queens?..."
      Which one are you?

    • QWAK,jadfwao ,The US DOLLAR is backed by DEBT,the stocks and bonds and houses you buy with US DOLLARS are ALL part of a MATRIX of DEBT. Only GOLD and SILVER physicaly owned,payed for and held by your self are NOT cought up in the WEB!

      Physical GOLD and SILVER is the only redaly transferable currency that is NOT some one elses DEBT which may or may NOT "ever" be payed!

      Little by little threw LOANS and credit and LEVERAGING, virtualy EVERY THING in our modern lives has been SUCKED IN to the ILUSION of BELIEVING we OWN what is in REALITY just a PROMISS to pay intrist, DEBT is an ECONOMIC BLACK HOLE that can potentialy consume ALL, including personal,corperate and government held asetts!

      ONLY physical GOLD and SILVER personaly held are out side of the MATRIX and are portable and easely transferable. That is why the MASTERS of the MATRIX, the BANKERS and the GOVERNMENT hate GOLD and SILVER in the hands of the PEOPLE as it offers them the strenth and opertunity to RESIST becoming total DEBT SLAVES!

      the DUCK

    • Whoever's recommending your posts is obviously smoking something dank. Your posts resemble a juicy log of poo containing unprocessed sesame seeds from the chicken you ordered from that Chinese place. I mean, honest, who's really gonna recommend an analchord post? Morons? Zombies? Drag Queens?



    • You know, duckie, we are all just leaky bags of shit in the end, but you seem to press the issue beyond human endurance. Please take a few days off. I'm begging you.

    • QWAK,drink_cola_rotyourteeth,I could tell you it was just personal choice and how some express outwordly inner hang ups, or that people can learn to control PAIN and pain releases endorphans in the brain that give a euphoric feeling that is said to be intoxicating.

      Personaly I think it is WAY,way,WAY over the TOP and around the BEND, but then to each their own and as long as the HOOKS are not IN ME, it aint MY PROBLEM! ;)

      It was a picture from a wierd humor sight that seemed to fit to help me make my POINT ;) in a humorus way with mikiesmoky who does tend to be rather "analretentive" most of the time. LOL

      the DUCK

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