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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Jul 17, 2005 6:32 PM Flag

    Knee Jerk UN huggers

    For those that feel the UN will solve the world's problems, please read the following. Note the logic of this writer in laying out how the West is wrong in addressing the problems in his region. Note that the fundamental flaw permitting this to continue is the UN and how it embraces these corrupt and suppressive regimes, who are more skilled in killing citizens than in caring for them. Then consider that so many Americans feel that the UN is a body worthy of our respect and we should subjugate our interests to that of the UN. Anan is from Africa, maybe we need to frame the debate using the below article. Lastly, lastly, what if we substituted the Middle East for Africa in this article? It holds true for that region as well. The UN is a waste..., , but read the article...

    Let us Africans do the talking
    Jean-Claude Shanda Tonme The New York Times

    SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2005

    YAOUNDE, Cameroon Live 8, that extraordinary media event that some people of good intentions in the West just orchestrated, would have left us Africans indifferent if we hadn't realized that it was an insult both to us and to common sense.

    We have nothing against those who this month, in a stadium, a street, a park, in Berlin, London, Moscow, Philadelphia, gathered crowds and played guitar and talked about global poverty and aid for Africa. But we are troubled to think that they are so misguided about what Africa's real problem is, and dismayed by their willingness to propose solutions on our behalf.

    We Africans know what the problem is, and no one else should speak in our name. Africa has men of letters and science, great thinkers and stifled geniuses who at the risk of torture rise up to declare the truth and demand liberty.

    Don't insult Africa, this continent so rich yet so badly led. Instead, insult its leaders, who have ruined everything. Our anger is all the greater because despite all the presidents for life, despite all the evidence of genocide, we didn't hear anyone at Live 8 raise a cry for democracy in Africa.

    Don't the organizers of the concerts realize that Africa lives under the oppression of rulers like Yoweri Museveni (who just eliminated term limits in Uganda so he can be president indefinitely) and Omar Bongo (who has become immensely rich in his three decades of running Gabon)? Don't they know what is happening in Cameroon, Chad, Togo and the Central African Republic? Don't they understand that fighting poverty is fruitless if dictatorships remain in place?

    Even more puzzling is why Youssou N'Dour and other Africans participated in this charade. Like us, they can't help but know that Africa's real problem is the lack of freedom of expression, the usurpation of power, the brutal oppression.

    Neither debt relief nor huge amounts of food aid nor an invasion of experts will change anything. Those will merely prop up the continent's dictators. It's up to each nation to liberate itself and to help itself. When there is a problem in the United States, in Britain, in France, the citizens vote to change their leaders. And those times when it wasn't possible to freely vote to change those leaders, the people revolted. cont'd

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    • Canudle.. You are a sad sad case study in self delusion. And where you get the idea I overreact to these acts of terrorism is sadly only in your mind. You Neo are so set in your world view, you fail to see what grows on the ground. Even in Iraq where we continue to waste manpower and money, the anti-American sentiment grows and the insurgency gets stronger. Again. We would have accomplished more with less had we the good sense to have gotten out of Iraq 15 months ago.


    • Alpha, you read the newspapers too much. This drivel is terrible. Think a bit about what is really going on. The suicide bombs you react so outsizedly emotionally to are insurgents other than Iraqis. We have sucked them in from all around that region and are dealing with those terrorist networks. As for who the insurgents are, I would say they are Americans. We are dealing with the infection by drawing it out and exposing it to daylight. You're perspectives are quite mixed up. Ugly Americans tend to posture like you. Everything centric on America. Instead, think ... recognize... we have imposed ourselves on that region to help clean it up without needing outright multi country invasions.

    • Alpha, history doesn't support your argument. Get a real deck of cards. Your use of the word colonialist also is unsupportable, but I guess it suits your emotions.

    • Benjamin Franklin noted that it's "our revolution", but that the English considered it, "Their rebellion". (1776, the movie)
      Terrorism is in the eyes of the beholder.

    • It takes a big man to admit he was a moron.
      I like that in a troll.
      I like it alot.
      Maybe I was too harsh about you, mikie.
      Maybe you're just like me, posting from your heart and for the embitterment of all the lurkers, maybe there's a bond tht exists between us forged by the years of flaming and bashing and ball busting that supercedes talent and content, style and prose, poetic license and the sytactically sound conjugation of.......NAH!!!

    • Canucanoe, I apologize for my post.
      I misunderstood your comments. I read too quickly and was, apparently, prejudiced by your past rhetoric.
      Again, please disregard.


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    • REGARDING: All because the US has flexed muscle, not its jaw. Yes, its cost money. Yes, war is a messy financial cost. Yes, I would like to see the cost lower. Yes, I do see benefits that provide a return.

      RESPONSE: You appear to be as sociopathic as our President.

    • Canudle... Even your Neos idols no longer claim that MOST of the insurgents are other than Iraqis. Enven they acknowledge that likely 10 percent or less are foreignors. I suppose you still believe their are WMDs in Iraq and that Hussein was trying to get yellow cake in Africa.


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