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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Jul 23, 2005 3:09 PM Flag


    QWAK,OOPS,Well he LOOKED like a TERRORIST ------ I shure HOPE they don't start seeing DUCKs as looking like TERRORISTS in the USA!

    It was bad enough when the CONG was trying to KILL ME in NAM!

    As much HARM as was done by 911 it was AMPLIFIED many times over by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT exploiting an OPERTUNITY to spred FEAR in the LAND of the BRAVE!

    the DUCK

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    • We should all consider the possibility that the QuackHead really thinks the Gov't just prints the money whenever it wants. That could explain some of his off the wall statements.


    • qwak,canucanoe,Having OIL priced and bought with US DOLLARS gives the USA one hell of an ADVANTAGE seeing as WE can CREATE them out of THIN AIR!

      IF the USA had to BUY oil in EUROS WE would be EXTREAMLY DISADVANTAGED not to mention that all that DEBT would come home to the USA and would have to be payed by RASING TAXES!

      the DUCK

    • Selling oil in other currencies was beneficial to Hussein and his bribery/kickback process.

    • Top 11 fallback justifications for the war in Iraq.

      11. We're fighting them there, so that we won't have to fight them here until they're better trained.

      10. We're fighting them there because they threatened to convert their reserves to Euros.

      9. We're fighting them there because acquiescing to bin Laden's demand to vacate our base in Saudi Arabia meant establishing another foothold in the oil-rich region.

      8. We're fighting them there because there would be no 'them' if we weren't there.

      7. We're fighting them there because the oil is better over there.

      6. We're fighting them there to scare you into giving up the freedoms for which they hate us.

      5. We're fighting them there, so that Europe will have to deal with them.

      4. We're fighting them there, because a war-president gets his legislative agenda passed.

      3. We're fighting them there because a war-president gets re-elected.


      1. We're fighting them there, because the ambiguous, collective 'them' is the only link between Iraq and September 11.

    • REGARDING: Ok pictures made me understand it a little better tml

      RESPONSE: You have found a tangent to the matter, i.e., the idea depicted by the cartoon is ancillary, but not on point.

      An example of the "point": you have just heard that killer African bees are heading your way; you spread honey around your neighbor's house.
      Do you have the right to damage your neighbor?

      When President Bush stands there and repeats his mantra, "It is better that we fight them there than here", he exposes his sociopathic nature.

    • REGARDING: Yet you give them respect and want to understand their 'morals' and question ours in our relationship with the criminals. You are one sick dude.

      RESPONSE: What morality did we reflect by attacking a nation that did us no harm?

      I recommend that one, who appears to be in a very precarious position due to his handicap of a lack of humanity, should not diagnose another to be as ill as he may be.

    • uch, a lot happened before Poland. And the alliance with the USSR lasted how long? lol! hit the books before barfing up your nonsense.

    • uch, you keep raising thuggery to the level of a national interaction. We are not fighting a nation. We are fighting thugs, who have a level of respect due to people like you not recognizing who they are. Like the pirates of the 18th and 19th centuries, Pancho Villa, etc. etc., these are thugs not leading a country or providing for a society. They are outcasts from the society that raised them. Not wanted by anyone, but at the point of a gun accepted by everyone as a 'human' who needs to be understood. lol! Yet you give them respect and want to understand their 'morals' and question ours in our relationship with the criminals. You are one sick dude.

    • Looks like you failed history and tried Biology. See to healing yourself. Don't expect positive results.
      What in the H*** are you talking about "long after the Nazis were on their rampage"? They agreed to a pact with Russia before they invaded Poland and before anyone declared war. And prior to that Bobby Thompson's shot was louder than any weaponry the Germans had to use. Rampage, indeed.
      You still have toy soldiers and an Iraq map and move around the troops according to the news?

    • Napolean, outside of France, is infamous. But I guess you saw the movie. Maybe TX and So. Cal. and AZ and NM all love the US but the original settlers(Indians and Mexicans) and their descendents a lot less so. Vietnam hates the Chinese like they hated the French and the Americans so, is there hidden meaning in that sentence? My point was you fool neocons keep coming up with impossible historical scenarios which are nothing more than woulda-shoulda-coulda's and your Chicken Little rendition of Uday as cause celebre gilds the lilly and exposes your reasoning for that which it is: Schoolyard "he hit me first!".
      I have already posted that I view the Islamofascists and Neocons as two sides of the same coin and if you go even scan the "teachings" of Main Fool Strauss and view them through the eyes of someone who knows and agrees with the precepts of Democracy you'd want those nomads thrown out of this country too so they couldn't hoodwink the gullible like you.
      Boy, you close with a classic. When you say"...Thugs...need not a friend, but a foe...When the foe moves on, a new one is needed..." I believe we have had Communism- now gone-and here comes Islamofascism. The war machine making you feel important? How can you stand not being in all the real action? I wouldn't be kept sedated by notches in my fantasy holster. But then we may have differing estrogen levels.

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