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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Aug 10, 2005 10:30 PM Flag

    Cheesecakes, Gold and reality

    Alpha, you still have 1/3 of a year to go, so I won't say you won't achieve your NDX forecast of snow in hell. (1) cheesecake looks like a sure thing to me. The other one likewise. But who knows, you may have a put from Lucifer you can exercise. With gold continuing to ramp, it looks like your views there are also wrong. Is it possible your neocon tunnel vision inhibits you from assessing reality?

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    • ~~Do stay on your drugs. At your age they will save your life.~~

      I mean, you are soooooo LAME. (0:


    • QWAK,fe4o3,Agreed Platimum and POLADIUM are very important and will be more so in the future as both are used as CATALISTS in many proceses to include generating electricity!

      Both are on m radar screan make no mistake about that! :) My comment was in reguard to CURRENCY that GOLD and SILVER are the REAL THING and every thing else is just an IMITATION!

      I have set GOALS for myself to achieve amounts of physical PMs and both Platinum and Pladium are on my LIST but in actual amounts of OZ.s, SILVER is by far the largest and has the greatist potential to become % wise more valuable, it is actualy 5 x more RARE than GOLD (above ground mined and refined) but sells for 1/60th of the price!

      The minipulators have created this situation and THEY make the price go up and down giving YOU the opertunity to SPECULATE in PAPER but also giving ME the opertunity to ACUMULATE CHEEP! :)

      the DUCK

    • Duck;
      RE:Every thing else is a poor IMITATION!
      Have you check Platimum in the last decade?

      If you think the real precious metal. Pt, that has substantial industrial value is a cheap imitation, the air is way too thin on your mountail top for good brain functioning!!

    • Thats your problem Canoodle. You think and thereby assume. You jump to the conclusion that because I am willing to make a sporting bet involving cheesecake that I am therefore heavy in tech is your Waterloo. Not sure when I last added to my tech postions. Actually likely been beyond a 2 yrs. That said, tech has had a good run over the past 2 and half years. And as I pointed out with the help of yahoo, has been better than gold for at least that period. Even a gurly man such as yourself ought to be able to simply say, "yes that is true."

      If your memory were intact you would know that I had been committing to oil predominantly for the past 2 yrs. That has been the genisis of my disagreement with you and Qwacked. I believed that oil was the much better investment than gold. Again, even a cheesecake as yourself, ought to be able to say, "yes that is true."

      Now as for Friedman. No, lets just stop here. Your mischaracterization of Friedman is a bit too exhausting for Friday.


    • Alpha, you advocate a diversified portfolio. what's your problem? You speak only of the good stuff? I've no problem recognizing oil was a good investment. Good for you, good for me. It's no problem to look back and pick winners. Looking forward, your forecasts that I know of are 1 for 3, with a terrible miss on the NDX segment. My memory has me saddled with your tech cheerleading last winter. Tech, tech, tech. You were so greedy with tech you foresaw a 50% gain this year! 50%! I don't ever remember you crowing about oil like that. Tech still leaks out as you just embraced Friedman's tech mantra to solve social ills. Looking back to last winter, and considering how tech lighted up your life, I think you were, maybe still are, heavy tech. Keep talking of oil, I guess it makes you feel better.

    • QWAK,mrsippi05,The fact is physical GOLD takes up very little space and can be safely stored in many places in your home ware only you and a trusted person or two know ware it is at, so even if your home was robed it is unlikely that it would be found inless you were dumb and told people you had it and ware you keep it.

      You can buy and sell in many ways at coin dealers and on line and it is usualy shiped by US MAIL insured. Silver is a bit more bulky and is usuly shiped UPS insured.
      The metals market had one of its strongest days in recent memory as precious metals moved higher across the board, today Thursday, August 11, 2005. Gold gained $9.00 � a single day jump of more than 2% � to close at $445.50 in New York. Silver added 11� to finish at $7.17. Platinum ended at $919.70, up $12.00.
      A word of caution how ever the dealers tend to push colector coins as they can make much more profit selling them and it may or may not be profitable for you when it comes time to sell, that is why I prefer just BULLION coins the issue of grading and estimating value is not clear or certin with colector coins ,with bullion it is just weight and putity. American GOLD EAGLES are the prefered bullion coins but Canadian Maple leafs are also high on the list when it comes to selling.

      Hope this helps.

      the DUCK

    • Speaking of drugs, OMR. Have you now got the time thing straight or still not understand that time posted is in Eastern Time. And another hint, the AZ in azalpha stands for Arizona. Do stay on your drugs. At your age they will save your life.


    • Canoodle.. YOu gurly man. If you insist on confusint things than compare my OIH to your precious metals. I've learned you have problems. But your obfuscation is educational to those following. YOu do the math or allow Yahoo to. Even you will recognize how much better OIH has been.


    • You say you own physical Gold and physical silver. Where do you store it? Is it safe from thieves? Is it easy to sell? Do you have to go a coin store or do you send it by mail to sell it? Just curious as I'm thinking of buying some but have these concerns.


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