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  • future_platinum future_platinum Sep 6, 2005 12:23 AM Flag

    5 cents for your thoughts

    Current purchasing power in 1913 dollars (2005):

    $1 (2005) will give you 5 cents (1913) worth of goods.

    $1/$19.74 (August 2005)

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    • LIAR!

    • QWAK,HEADS UP! The CAT is OUT of the BAG!
      A renowned economist and market analyst, Henry
      C.K. Liu, chairman of Liu Investment Group in New
      York, formerly a professor at Harvard and Yale,
      has endorsed GATA's view, recently documented
      by GATA director Michael Bolser and Sprott Asset
      Management, that U.S. equities markets are being
      rigged by the U.S. government, in large part
      through the use of repurchase agreements.

      Liu's endorsement comes in his long and often
      technical essay published today in Asia Times
      in Hong Kong, "The Repo Time Bomb," the second
      part of a series titled "The Wizard of Bubbleland,"
      a titled bestowed on Federal Reserve Chairman
      Alan Greenspan.

      Liu writes:

      "The equity markets since the September 11 terrorist
      attacks are no longer free markets. They are now a
      scam operated in the name of patriotism to transfer
      through managed volatility by the Plunge Prevention
      Team, of which the Fed is a charter member, the
      losses that have already occurred but are yet hidden
      to unsuspecting small investors who were too patriotic
      to sell immediately. The new financial normalcy is a
      totally new system. The United States has entered a
      new phase of state capitalism, with the government
      deciding who survives and who fails. The U.S. system
      is being attacked by both terrorism and the 'war on

      Liu's essay also explains how the world financial
      system now perpetuates another transfer of wealth:
      from the productive world to the debt-ridden United

      Liu's essay is long and dense but readers will be
      well rewarded. It is too long to append but you can
      find it here:
      The small investor is being SET up as "The BAG HOLDER" and he will find when he opens the bag it is EMPTY or very nearly empty!

      The STOCK MARKET IS and has been RIGED for some time now and most small investors are OBLIVIOUS and that is DANGEROUS!

      the DUCK

    • silver hits $8.40?

      Sure hope he didn't short the metal figuring he needed to earn more on his convictions. I worry about Alpha too. Just 2 cheesecakes for me. Sure hope he didn't want more from his now discredited insight. It would be a costly lesson.

    • all it takes to discover what's going on is to study a little monetary history.

      a few minutes of your time with a google or ask jeeves search.

      you see....people don't even have 5 minutes or their valuable time to understand things.

      can't see the forest due to the damned trees that are in the way.

    • QWAK,alpha, You play MICKEY MOUSE games avoiding the meaning and intent of the statment which you can not dispute becaust it was TRUE! Go JUMP a "CONCLUSION or TWO"! :)

      the DUCK

    • Stick it Canoodle. You still haven't the sense to find the Duck's original post and point. He used valueless. Glad to see you recognize that neither of these currencies is valueless. Now quit while you are even.


    • you kopw i appreciate the ducks input..and now yours...but i'm with alph...just can't buy the/a collapse...maybe i will pay for it..

      bunch a RE that will become worthless..well see

    • Canoodle..., do you realize how hopeless and ridiculous you appear?
      Not only do you not offer "substantiation" to most of your nonsense, but you change subjects, midstream, without appropriate rationale.

    • Alpha, again you speak like a lawyer influencing a jury. You spout unsubstantiated nonsense. You first presented the pound, yen and C$ as holding their value over 50 years as a fiat currency. That was nonsense. Now you want to argue they are not valueless. Well, I agree they are not valueless. Now... you made your flippant comment about those 3 currencies holding value over 50 years. Let's see what research went into your stupid comment you deem others should work to show its worthlessness. If you don't want to show your data, well... we all see how shallow and flippant your responses are.

    • QWAK,future_platinum,They have been minipulating the markets for a LONG long time but have become so addicted to it and blatent about it that they are now SLOPPY and hardly bothering to cover their tracks.

      There is a similar or twin operation working out of the Carabean focused on GOLD and currencies and of corse linked to the USA,FED and the US DOLLAR!

      People just dont want to believe they have been SCAMED as it is EMBARASING and makes them look foolish even to them selves so they IGNORE the OBVIOUS warning signs and prefer to listen to the "TALKING HEADS" who are just SHILLS and would SELL any thing because THAT is what THEY DO!

      There are LIMITS to just about every thing and that includes how much MINIPULATION "can" do, the ROPE is down to just a fiew THREDS now and all the COVER UPS and SCAMS are surfacing. The amasing part is how all the HIPOCRITS act like THIS is somthing NEW and NOT just BUSINESS as USUAL!

      the DUCK

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