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  • forensic_accountant_123 forensic_accountant_123 Sep 30, 2005 9:45 PM Flag

    Forensic Right, Alpha the Idiot WRONG

    I'm sorry, but arguing with mental midgets is becoming boring and a waste of time. They spew fantasies and garbage instead of understanding reality. Here's something that I haven't seen on any major network or some psychotic eviro-terrorist web site. Guess why?......READ!

    "The Duke analyses examined solar changes over 22 years versus 11 years used in previous studies. The cooling effect of volcanoes and cyclical shifts in ocean currents can have a greater negative impact on the accuracy of shorter data periods.

    The Sun may have MINIMALLY contributed about 10 to 30 percent of the 1980-2002 global surface warming," the researchers said in a statement today.

    Many questions remain, however. For example, scientists do not have a good grasp of how much Earth absorbs or reflects sunlight."


    ANY individual with an IQ greater than zero will start to understand that man induced global warming is FRAUDULENT! The Sun is the reason for this as I have stated over and over and over and over. This theory has been ignored because the leftists / socialists hate freedom and individual rights. They want the destruction of America and its economy and the only way it can be done is with FRAUDULENT nonsense like man induced global warming! Don't be conned by these snake oil salesman!

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    • U stink

    • Analchord = One Fishy Idiot

    • There's so much hype that Global Warming is a real scientific phenomena. I believe it to be political. I do understand air and water pollution exists. And I do not like Kyoto - its just a piece of paper.

      What I don't understand is how poorly the arguments are constructed by those that embrace Kyoto. They have no idea of the trends in pollution within the US and in other regions. They have no idea on energy efficiency improvements within the US and elsewhere. They want to argue about the signing of a piece of paper, for which they know not of what other nations have then achieved by doing this, OR even of what that piece of paper truly says.

      So in addition to my global warming questions, one of which is why close a low pollution factory in America to buy high pollution (pollution permitted by Kyoto) factory goods in China, I offer the following for thought by 'tree huggers':

      Vast tracts of forest in S. America and Asia have disappeared incredibly fast the past 2 decades. How has this affected 'global warming' (be scientific about this). And... why aren't you down there stopping this?

    • Regarding: the leftists / socialists hate freedom and individual rights. They want the destruction of America and its economy and the only way it can be done is with FRAUDULENT nonsense like man induced global warming!

      Me: Correct! The Reds turned Green and are using Globalony Warming and other issues in an attempt to bring down America's Economy. You'll notice the America Bashers will find any issue to tear into our Great Country.

      Many of the America Bashiers are Commies who are looking for their mommies. Many are brain damaged due to years of drug abuse and to argue with them is a silly endeavor. Better to bang your head against the wall.

      One Beeyutch on this board hates with such a passion that you can almost see her veins popping when she spews out her hatred. Another American hater pretends to be a lawyer who appears to have the I.Q. of a nitwit. Others seem to be Hitler in a headscarf who hate both Israel and America.

      Interacting with the aforementioned and a few other mental midgets is a waste of time. Life is so short so use your time wisely.

      Oh, and then there is a mallard on this board that on occasion makes some sense, but then goes berzerko into the wild blue yonder. Depending on what time of the month it is, he can't be depended on for rationality either.

      Oh, Oh, and if you really want to check into a really deranged poster check out the postings of 'annettisayeti', which are up to 320 presently and read some of his psychotic shit. Tell me this dude, can you say ANUSCHORD, ain't missing some neurons.

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