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  • luknows luknows Jan 2, 2006 12:55 PM Flag

    Duck if there is no Dollar crises

    what then?

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    • QWAK,alpha tends to BELIEVE litterly the things HE READS epecialy if it comes from the GOVERNMENT!

      This often gets him in TROUBLE like when he plays a round of GOLF! :)

      Just a SIGN of the TIMES and lack of CLEAR THINKING or perhaps not THINKING and just BELIEVING? HUMmmmmmmm?? :)

      LOL,HE HE HE
      the DUCK

    • Wake up your Duckness. I have no ill will toward you and as I have said numerable times, I dont doubt your motivation. Now, Duck, read it again slowly... I DON'T DOUBT YOUR MOTIVATION. Comprende.

      Just because you harbor ill will for lawyers doesn't mean this lawyer harbors ill will toward you. I remind you, I don't doubt your heart. So again, I don't think you have an angle.

      What you have is an agenda. You are a goldbug. FLASH. You are like the goldbugs before you for nearly half a century. YOu read the sites and share their view of reality. It jives with your mental condition and you have no motivation to change it as that mental state and its focus on gold are doing OK. Of course it also forces you to miss other investments adn their ACTUAL GAINS becuase you believe those gains are tainted.

      As I've said, you will slink back into darkness when gold again falls out of favor which it will inevitably. Hopefully you will pulled some of your profit off the table by then. Hopefully you will not be blaming the manipulators and lawyers for the decrease in your economic worth.

      Being OCD and other personality disordered does not make you unintelligent. Your beleif that those that criticize your thoughts, believe you are less intelligent is a characteristic of the disorder. A lot of otherwise highly intelligent people have personality disorders. It generally impacts your ability to get along with others. Expecially those that don't share your beleifs.

      You and I are a classic example. I have said continually that gold should be a part of a diversified portfolio and at times may well be a wise investment. But because I criticize your obsessive view of gold versus finanacial investments, you fail to hear my 'balanced' view. You fail to understand or appreciate wehn I tell you that energy and real estate have done better and are likely to do better in the long run. That the total market has historically done better than gold and is likely to do better than gold in any random future investment cycle. You react as if it is a personal attack. You respond personally.

      And when I am attaked personally, I do respond in kind.


    • Funny thing Bear is that I didn't realize how well the fund had actually done until I was reading the article in Kiplingers. I knew it had grown, but truly had no idea that it had ave over 35% annual growth. Too bad for us real estate investing types that this is all in fiat dollars. Just think, I could have half the value if only I had been smart enough instead to have purchased gold. Dumb me.


    • QWAK,alpha,I have been driving people like YOU crazy all my life! They and YOU just can NOT comprehend that I am NOT motivated by GREED and because of that, THEY and YOU think I'M NUTS because what motivats YOU seems SILLY to ME!

      When I share FREELY they and YOU are shure I must have a ANGLE and am trying to GET OVER,some how SOME WAY and like your self they mistrust,get frustrated,angey and almost always try to DISCREDIT and sugest that I lack NORMAL INTELIGENCE.

      Actualy I do lack NORMAL INTELIGENCE, but they and YOU asume that to mean BELOW ware you are rather than the TRUE position being far ABOVE! LOL

      When you TRY to paint me in some sort or fassion I ROTFL because I realise YOU don't realy SEE or percieve ME, just my REFLECTION on the surface of WATER! You slap on PAINT some place I AINT, and it is more FUN and SILLY to ME, than a barrel of MONKEYS! :) HE HE HE

      The ILUSIONS and DELUSIONS that you see and believe to be REAL to ME are like SMOKE in the WIND and watching YOU try so hard to hold on to them is as funny as a politician in the middle of a speach with microphones and people listening closely ----- HE passes GAS and it is amplified for every one to HEAR! :)

      HE HE HE,Just being ME!
      the DUCK

    • hum..interesting...I questioned if simon woulda beat your fund....guess not! (i haven't owned spg for 5 yrs tho..just a yr & 1/2 or so)

    • Qwacked One.. YOu do an upstanding job of embarassing yourself. I would say keep it up, but it is tiring as are your rants. I would say I am sorry to have exposed your mental diagnosis, but that would not be true. YOu have exposed it through your OCD behovoir and more.

      Given your proclivity to crow.. you might want to examine in addition to the OIH and XLE (energy sectors),,,eueyx, alpine realty fund. It has been my realestate commitment portion of my portfolio for over five years. Just saw in Kiplingers that it may well be the best performing fund of all for the past 5 years, returning some 36% per annum. Anyway up 200% over that period. ( Makes gold look like a slow pecker. But hey don't worry afterall you have already told us what a bubble exists in real estate. Wonder if you will recognize when a bubble exists in gold. Yeah... that will be the day. You will slink off to your new best and brightest. Blaming the manipulators once again. Must be nice to live in your small world of make believe. Anyway think about a littly Alpine Realty. Should provide you some balance.


    • QWAK,alpha,For a LAWYER you ARE incredably IGNORENT,OBTUSE and rather STUPID,but then if we concider the SOURCE that is to be EXPECTED! ;)

      Keep up the GOOD WORK as a CONTRAINDICATOR as to percieve how WRONG you are is to be a GUIDE for what NOT to do and all the better to see HOW to SURVIVE by doing the OPOSIT of what YOU say to do!

      In a 3 dementional reality it is nessary to have both a BOTTOM and a TOP and you got the bottom position all to your self! :)

      the DUCK

    • For a retired school teacher you can be more than a bit lame.


    • Yes, Alpha, we know you have 'links'. You truly are a member of "click on info" generation.

    • QWA,Bear, LO, Just one of my dads LAME old jokes :) "SON OF A BEACH" HE HE HE

      the DUCK

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