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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Mar 18, 2006 12:02 AM Flag

    QWAK,When things CHANGE ----

    QWAK,When things change in the EXTREAM it is common to say things have ENDED like the END of CIVILIZATION but nothing realy ends it just becomes somthing very diferent!

    This is an INTELIGENT READ and worth concidering perhaps even PONDERING! LOL

    the DUCK

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    • Someone New. Aint the Dummy. Suggest Bear bet the arbiter.


    • Alpha, its dummy. Who's your pick?

    • If that requires a denial, then I'll give it to you. But, what's your overwhelming need for judging everything I post? I must be pinching your nerves to the point of agonizing pain. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be so furiously firing declarations and denials, one after another, shotgun style. Keep trying though. You sure do have a problem and so far, you haven't been able to find a way out. How about honesty for a change. Unless your bald, you might even let your hair down. Maybe that might help your poor writhing anguish and unbearable suffering. You're in charge here! And I think anyone who feels your pain would be willing to concede that to you. Nobody's trying to create a bigger character than you already posses. Give your mind a rest. Take a break and enjoy yourself. Lighten up. You'll have an ulcer sooner than you think if you keep up your uncontrollable rage.

    • If only Dummy was so swift and discreet. Cheesecake says it aint Dummy.


    • outagecha, new nom de poste but old style. What's wrong with your old poster name? Not enough recognition. We'll never know for sure, but I'd say you're Just4Dummies. Similar style, lots of words.

    • Oh please Your Honor. You're too hard on yourself. Everyone knows you're as near perfect a person as anyone can be. Everyone here holds your high esteem. What few typo's you make, needn't be mentioned. You've earned the respect of.... ahhh.... give me a second to think about it. AWE shuck, just forget it.

    • <EOM>

    • I appreciate you putting me in the company of such admirable and celebrated people. I wish I could say it was true, but I do take that as a compliment of sorts. Sort of tongue in cheek.

      But, as to the self importance, and self worth, I think you've got your wires crossed.
      I've already pigeonholed my own character for all to see. I believe it is you who deny your own weak underpinnings for all to gaze upon in wonderment. You pile one seething denial after another upon your audience. Your pompous judgments about me, and your self elevation as if you and you only had the right to decide what's to be acceptable speach. Therefore, you surely must be referring to yourself. It's you that continues to judge. It's you who commands others to comply. Now THAT's some kind of "self importance"! Arrogant is a pretty good description of you too. But, who's big enough to challenge a person with as much cunning as one who is as sick as yourself. I judge YOU to be in contempt of this whole chatroom. Personally, I will say what I please. You are going to say what you please, and I will do you the favor of bestowing you the right to say anything you desire, under the Constitution of the United States of America, which give even a scumbag like you, the freedom of speach. What a great guy I am, as you mentioned when you put me in such illustrious company!

      You have more layers of masks than the whole colony! But don't let me prick you bubble. You're more than a leader. You're the KING.

      Here King. Come get your treat. I have a bone for you.

    • i think that mighta been a"a bit fool"

    • QWAK, just4dummies, Because the ISSUE of being WRONG is so BASIC and the fundamentals of BELIEF in the SYSTEM so powerfull and ingrained , it is almost imposable for people to devorce them selves from life long misconceptions that they both TRUST and have come to DEPEND ON!

      It is a conundrum that people so love to proclame their FREEDOM wile at the SAME TIME are so TOTALY DEPENDENT, so are constently LESS FREE!

      DEBT SLAVES who are obviously NOT FREE but will SPEND their last BARROWED DOLLAR to show HOW FREE thay are! LOL

      It is amasing how intentionaly BLIND people can be, when they WANT to be! It becomes UNTHINKABLE to even concider an alternitive to what they chose TO BELIEVE, even if it is OBVIOUSLY imposable that what they believe could NEVER be REALITY!

      Barrow MONEY, spend it FOOLISHLY then just BARROW MORE to make the payments! What an ABSURED PLAN, yet it is the way most today both indiviguals and governments have been functioning! To believe it can or even could continue indefinitly is INSANE!!

      As the ILUSION disapates the public WILL awaiken but it will be far too late to do any thing other than TRY to SERVIVE!

      With a change of MIND SET and a little EFFORT the out come could be much better on the indivigual level but for the vast majority the DIE is CAST and the negitive out come a certinty!

      the DUCK

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