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  • azalphainvestor azalphainvestor Mar 27, 2006 4:11 PM Flag

    How come those dumb KOheads...

    C&T... Not sure why you believe we have an obligation to transition Iraq from post SH to what will eventually emerge. Our obligation is to our National Security. That is what justified our military intervention. I doubt you will be happy if post SH Iraq is

    If the problem were simply SH and his henchman and some reasonable time frame and effort could be established, I am certainly agreeable to reasonable argument for some additional time. The problem however is that this is an area of cultural feudalism if not tribalism. It is overwhelmingly anti-American in sentiment. Now there is a low level civil war and we are baring the brunt of burden of the Shiites. So I ask, when do you recognize that nation building under these circumstances is not an American obligation. How many years, lives and dollars will it take to recognize this.

    Contrary to you, I have no confidence that Iraq will ever pay us even 10% of the costs of this adventure. It is probably the one area where the Shiites and Sunniis are in agreement. I even wonder if the Kurds would agree to any payments.

    Now Im not saying that walking would not cause some hardships. And if the World wants to impose some order, i.e. nation building, let it as in Bosnia/Serbia act in concert. Last I heard with the exception of London and the Aussies, we had little First World support and we're baring 90% of the cost.

    If you have other information please provide, but it is my understanding that the 300 BILLION to date and 50 Billion per month are the addtional military costs of the Iraqi Adventure.

    Let me say taht I appreciate your willingness to understand that their are limits on our military power and budget that should be analyzed, examined and debated. Some seem to believe their should be no cost restraints on the military.


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