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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Aug 30, 2006 11:51 AM Flag

    QWAK,How GOLD price has been SUPRESSED

    QWAK,Been telling people for years that the price of GOLD has been MINIPULATED and held DOWN, well NOW it is coming to light and many are singing the same song!

    The out come of this is that the price is going up and will likely go much HIGHER and that will also do the same for SILVER!

    You can't go WRONG holding physical GOLD and SILVER but it aint like stocks and PAITENCE will pay off in the long run!

    the DUCK

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    • Because by then, those like you will be worshipping it like Duck does now! It will have the mojo... and most importantly, it will have the Wall Street sales force behind it. That sales force has never been available to precious metals before. Now that Wall Street has products to sell...

    • But supply and demand of course could just as well explain any concievable number. The question is why do you beleive the interesction of S&D will be about $1k for gold and $25 for silver come the end of '08.


    • Hello my feathered friend.

      Which is it? will the Banks refrain selling to maintain the price. or sell to collapse the price?
      the previous peak colapsed when they sold.

      Remember 2004?

    • Great Weiner post Duck. Thanks
      for being able to mix humor with
      the serious Sir. Something the
      stuffed lemmings are incapable of
      doing. I'll bet it takes a crow bar
      to get some of the posters on this
      board to crack a smile. Apparently
      laughter is not part of their
      personality lexicon.

      If not for the attack mode on your
      personage Duck these posters would
      have to continue to nit-pick over
      picayune and trifling matters
      amongst one another.

      Your interspersing of the somber
      and humorous make your postings
      so much the exceptional. Note how
      your detractors are unable to bring
      levity to the message board whereas
      you bring vigor, vitality and
      laughter, while the pit bulls know
      only to disparage you and your

      As always Keep on keeping on Sir!

    • QWAK,More TWISTED history lessons from canucanoe??? :)

      LOL You SOoooooooooo FUN when you try to make HISTORY fit what you CHOSE to believe! HE HE HE

      the DUCK

    • Duck, debate your position, please. I note this response does not. ...btw, my teacher taught me about the Bohr atom model. I am able to appreciate that the good intentions do not relate to reality. Have you been able to independently learn or are you a tunnel visioned, brainwashed, Duck?

    • Has to be Charlie McCarthy. Devoid of independent ability to reason a supportive argument.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,If that is what YOUR history teacher tought you (I am shure it was NOT) then your teacher was confused,stupid or an IDIOT!

      Canucanoe what ever you do NEVER ever UNSCREW your BELLY BUTTON because your ASS will shurely FALL OFF! LOL (perhaps you will believe THAT one TOO?)

      GOLD and SILVER taken from the natives in the NEW WORLD made Spain the welthiest and most powerfull nation in the world but that extream welth was lost by STUPIDITY and WAR faster than they could haule it home!

      Canucanoe YOU just can not TRUST comic books to get your history lessons, you need to do some reaserch on your own and dismiss your preconcieved notions because they do NOT fit in to the reality of HOW and WHY things actialy happened, even IF they DO fit your TWISTED paradign of how YOU would prefer things to be!

      Fiat currency on ANY scale IS a SCAM and taking it GLOBAL only exaserbates and AMPLIFIES the problem,it may delay the inevitable but the IMPLOSION will just be even more devistating when it happens!

      When you STOP looking for FREE you begin to SEE reality! The scarey part is that most of the time REALITY realy SUCKS and is very UGLY!

      The only real diference between HISTORY and today is the SCALE of the economic destruction that we are confronting, it is TRUE it has NEVER been THIS BIG before but like the biger and better GUNS and BOMBS, it is just INSANITY on STEROIDES, it realy is NOT better and in many ways much worse today! Technology may have made many advancments but PEOPLE have NOT so insted of spears and cross bows we now have ICBMS and chemical and biological warfare and autimated weapons that just KILL faster and more! The basic formula has not changed because PEOPLE have NOT CHANGED!

      the DUCK

    • It's becoming very obvious that
      you are interacting with posters
      of a lesser intelligance and who
      may be lacking in comon sense.
      For who can deny your straight
      forwardness and simple logic in
      regards to matters of economic
      reality Duck. I'm saddened to
      see the resistance most posters
      have to your basic approach to
      your world view.

      You seem to be battling posters
      who are not of your caliber Duck.
      Methinks it is a losing battle as
      hearts and minds are not being won
      over and apparently won't be until
      the world wide economic crash occurs.
      Sad but true in my humble opinion.

      There are not enough posters of like
      mind to be able to understand the
      bigger picture on this message board
      and I'm in belief that you are spinning
      your wheels unnecessarily. You Sir
      have the patience of Job and are to be
      oh so respected Duck. Instead of
      compliments you are receiving the slings
      and arrows of unlike minded reproach.

      I applaud you for your moxie and
      persistance however you may be dealing
      with forces beyond your comprehension.
      Never-the-less Keep on keeping on Sir.

    • Duck, once again you are twisting history. First off, that battle you refer to was in the 16th century, America was formed in the 18th. Therefore, who cares why Spain lost, the fact is by America's formation, Spain was not an example to be followed, for monetary or other.

      As for your knowledge of the battle, it is quite weak. The storm you refer to was after, well after, England outsmarted Spain. You see, Spain built the wrong war machine and plan. Then after this was 'explained' to them by the English, they were hit by the storm as they retreated.

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