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  • cap_1589 cap_1589 Sep 30, 2006 4:31 PM Flag

    Hey Duck

    Guess what?
    My rim shares are up 16.00 bucks yesterday. Yahoo.
    The blackberry has announced it's new "Pearl blackberry". I'm so happy today.

    BTW, How's the gold and silver treating you?


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    • QWAK,Bear,Had FROST on the ground this morning! BURrrrrrrrrrrr! :) Yep 6 pm local news said 32!

      It is unusual this early but does happen ocasionaly,some years it is late Nov. or early Dec. for first hard freez and have seen it in the 60s during the day for christmas.

      Most years the pipe from the well will freez for a day or two at least once then no runing water but it comes with living on top a mountain so I just take it in stride. When it gets cold like that the wood fired hot tub is realy apreciated! :)

      the DUCK

    • donald....i think we mighta got to 53 here one night....32 sure??

    • QWAK,Bear,Been working my fingers to the bone geting things suared away here befor winter sets in. Been building a natural stone wall with glass blocks built in to it by the hot tub. I get my hands tore up by the sand stone and the lime in the morter, very pain full but it is an UGLY WALL so I like it! :)

      I need to shut down the solar water heaters to protect from freezing, it went down to 32 at night once already so I must heat my bath with wood agen :(! Mooved the big pot with the elophant ear inside yesterday it must have weighed 150 LB. had to use a 2 wheel dollie and it almost got away from me coming up the front poarch steps but it looks cool next to the hot tub in front of the picture windows I just finished rebuilding.

      Next spring and summer I will rip out the old flat roof over the green house bath, rebuild it and replace all the glazing.

      I should be able to finish the new WATER FALL and indoor stream in the next fiew weaks. I was experimenting with it the last fiew days and it looks and SOUNDS like a real stream in nature,should be very impressive when it is done! :)

      Got 6 ricks of fire wood delivered yesterday so got to get it stacked and covered so I got space for the next 6 and I should be all set for heating this winter.

      the DUCK

    • dear...deer...(dear..she was a blond too)

    • i think the call is out-- you are either the most sane of us all..or the the most INsane.............(alph don't count in the mix..he's a flip-flopper)

      however..i thot about responding to the price of KO is worth less!!!..KO on sale 3/ 4 for 10

      >>what's you up to duckie?? a new project??...(not plannint the BBQ i'm sure) is the solar (circular solar heat trap working).....the temps are cooling off at night here... a dear in yard last nite...first in many months!!

    • QWAK,Any increase in the price of KO will me more than off set by the FALL in value of the US dollar!

      As for the SOUTH I expect that one day the USA will break up like the USSR did and the South will be an independent country.

      the DUCK

    • bigbobbob Oct 20, 2006 1:32 PM Flag

      Hey Duck, keep your eye on the stock market. I told you, save your confederate money, the South (and KO) will rise again.

    • worked fine for me yesterday morn too...........

    • QWAK,Cap,Just tried the creature link and it worked for me.

      the DUCK

    • Hey duck,
      That link doesn't work. I'll check back tomorrow night. Have a good sleep all.


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