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  • one_1eyed_monster one_1eyed_monster Oct 5, 2006 9:52 AM Flag

    Duck If Your Fasting During Ramadan ....

    Stay away from your wiennie:,7340,L-3311189,00.html

    Donnie - Youuuuuuuuu Soooooooooo Funnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!

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    • QWAK,analchord,Rather than looking for my DUCK NEST in Arkansas why not look for DIAMONDS, they can be found and some are of good size!

      You realy could get luckey and what you find you get to KEEP and NO TAX! :)

      the DUCK

    • Excellent report from the
      field, ghost. Although the
      crisis at hand has been averted,
      i am ordering my forces to lock
      down the areas of devil's den
      and hogseye due to the recent
      link of intel onto the grid.
      the reinforcements have arrived
      via the highway on the cabin
      property border line. They have
      secured our perimeter. More
      details will follow on a need
      to know basis.

      gen. Analchorrd

    • Professor Xavier was just interviewed on Fox News and informed Greta Van Susteren that Cyclops had intercepted a UFO in the Southest Sector of the Troposphere via his Stealth Blackbird. On board was a feathery little Duck dazed and slightly incoherent. After incapacitating Gort and his comrades this Duck was set free and taken aboard the Blackbird only after a hoard of gold was beamed aboard per this Ducks request.

      Cyclops was informed by this feathery little Duck that he wanted to go back to his home in Hokum County and insisted that he be dropped off at his Aunts' Chicken Littles Chicken Koop. He was met there by his nephew Little Chicken and they embraced and hugged one another. Tears flowed freely.

      It appears now that Larry King will be interviewing this Duck who has now been identified as Donald Semone tonight. Donald was overheard to have said he is very thankful to Cyclops and the whole X-Men family who saved him from a god awful fate in an Alien Spacecraft.

      Donald was last seen clutching and kissing a heavy bag which he could hardly lift. Sheriffs deputies from Hokum County were seen taking Mr. Semone and his heavy bag into their Police Cruiser and speeding off into the backwoods. All that anyone could hear was "it's mine, it's mine and I ain't ever lettin it out of my sight again" as the cruiser sped off.

    • Ohhhh Myyyyy Gawwwwd!!!! Spread the word Uncle Donald Duck has been abduckted by GORT and his brother aliens. The Sheriff of Hokum County has tole Mah that his deputies were ah watchin Ducks cabin and saw a kamohshun goin on. Seems that Unk wouldn't let Gort take all his gold aboard his saucer so Uncle Don grabbed his 12 gauge and tried ah stoppin that big metalic hulk but Gort put a vulcan mind meld on Unk and that was that.

      These here deputies saw my disabled Unk ah bean levitated from the hydroponic garden all the way to the alien space saucer. Boy was they ah shitten bricks just ah watchin the goins on and ah skeedatled to tell the sheriff. Moments later the saucer slowly lifted off the ground and then like ah bolt ah littnin took off for parts unknown. Mah hasn't stopped ah cryin cause thinkin bout what them there aliens are ah doin to her nephew is more than she can bare. Go Figure!

      Mah izah bean seen by ah doctor who has sedated her so she don't cry no moe. We are besides ourselves cause we really miss Uncle Don lots. We izah hoppin and ah prayin that they return him back to Hokum county real soon.

    • QWAK, there SHURE is a LOT going on AROUND duck MOUTEN these days! I gone done HERD cuzin Don duck BLASTEN off his GUNS in the middel of the NITE!! Shooot! When I done LOOKED up at cuzin Duck's CABIN, I seen them ALIEN ships with them FLASHIN lites. I RANG cuzin Duck on his ROTARY, but he wuz to DARN busy BLASTEN off his GUNS to PICK up! Shoooot!! I got BACK into BED with Mrs. Hungry Duck and not but a MINIT later we's HERD all this RAQUET outside. I done LOOKED out me WINDY, and a WHOLE COLONY of yettis was FLEEING down that MOUNTEN an RUNNIN right past MY CABIN! I can't FIGURE if cuzin Don was a BLASTEN off his GUNS at them yettis OR the aliens. Shooot!

      Uglyduck's cuzin,
      Hungry duck

    • Cyclops has made many more passes with the Stealth Blackbird near Devils Den Arkansas over a Ducks cabin and has issued a top secret report. Many unusual holes have been detected in the perimiter surrounding what appears to be a hydroponic tent structure with its roof collapsed. Close inspection of the highly technical and classified video injection module shows what appears to be a Duck running and flapping his/her wings in desperation.

      Using ultra sophisticated audio recording nomenclature it was determined that the Duck was overheard to have been screaming "my gold my gold it's gone ..... those fuc*ing bastards took it all ..... I'm ruined ..... I'm ruined".

      Wolverine has secretly performed ground surveillance over the monitored area and attempted to communicate with a feathery Duck found hidding in what appears to be a nuclear bomb shelter. This distraught fowl was deeply shaken and not in any mood to communicate with Wolverine. This Duck has been sedated and is now under observation at the X-Men HQ at Xaviers School for the Gifted in N.Y. Further details will be forthcoming on a need to know basis.

    • The Duck has been quiet for the past several days as he has had to have a respite from all the pressures of the board as of late. He has been to my office for several sessions and although I cannot report all due to professional ethics I can tell everyone the Duck has had a serious breakdown that threatens the very existence of his peaceful mountain retreat. I have tried to work through his paranoid behavior but he still insists on setting his traps at night complete with feces tipped bamboo sticks... We all must be very careful once the Barbeque date is set and insure all locations of these horrible Vietnam era traps on his property are carefully mapped.

      Dr. Phyll

    • Even if the stock market hit new highs, with inflation factored dollars, the Duck wouldn't be positive about equities.

      Even if Gold and Silver hit new lows, with inflation factored dollars, the Duck wouldn't be negative about Precious Metals.

      Riddle me this then - How does one carry on a logical conversation with someone who has the above noted mindset ????

      Answer - One doesn't!!!!

    • QWAK,Monster,Swim with the FISHES and let them nibble at your toes! ;)

      the DUCK

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