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  • investor_lt investor_lt Jan 4, 2007 7:30 PM Flag

    When will Canooe leave in shame???

    Canooe was been on this board for sometime stating that Coke is a bad investment (at least since I took ownership of shares 6 months ago). Since I purchased my shares Coca Cola is up approximately 20% (not bad for six months). At this point I am nowhere near selling, because the shares of Coca Cola are going much much higher.

    So the only question is when will Conooe stop posting his drible and leave this board in shame. $50 will not be enough! $55 probably won't force him to leave. $65 is the magic number in my estimation in which Canooe will walk away! Time will tell it could be before $65...stay tuned.

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    • I can believe that I called Coke would explode when it was in the low 40's. However, I am surprised that I also called correctly that Canooe would leave the board in shame once Coke strongly breaks into the 60's.

      No more posts from Canooe about Coke's smokin mirrors, no more posts that the wheels are coming off. Just silence from a man that could not have been more wrong about Coke if he tried. Canooe, Buy Coca-Cola now because it's going a lot higher.

    • It's simplistic...I bought more as it dropped and comitted heavily when it bottomed.

    • It's simplistic...bought more as it dropped and committed heavily when it bottomed...the perceived bottom was mid 40's back then....and that's pretty much where it parked itself for a while.

    • If you are buying all the way down, how do buy huge at the bottom? You are sounding like Alpha with his revisionism.

    • Now...when you're long...buying all the way down and buying huge at the bottom makes perfect sense...right? I know you guys have made a heck of a lot ducking, jabbing and rope-a-doping the past 10 years....but I am thrilled to see that patience is finally paying off for all KO longs. It's nice, very nice indeed! So where is Mycroft these days? I seem to remember him moving into a fairly prestigous analyst liked to spend time in Europe/Middle East as I recall?

    • yep...i remember.....he couldn't give it up...kept buying all the way down......

    • Mycroft "backed up his truck" with KO in the $70 range. I believe he was ticketed and jailed when he didn't pay up for dumping his toxic waste.

    • I don't believe I ever posted regarding Pepsi, vis a vis KO. I haven't had time to look at KO's earnings, quarterly, and therefore won't respond for this 3 month period. Will you help me? How much of KO's earnings increase is due to currency exchange?

      Yes, we are 10% away from your price target, which is 30% below where I said to sell oh so many years ago. I will be surprised if your price target is hit soon. Propose some odds and a time frame, and I'll bet a cheesecake.

    • Hey, come on. Give Canoodle a break. He has spent the last 2 years spinning the Iraq Missadventure and the follies of W. He has managed to confuse many. Shouldnt you let him slide on KO as well.


    • Canooe

      Now we have only $5.91 until we hit the $65 per share for Coca-Cola's common stock. As a reminder in the 40's (I bought at $42) I predicted $65 in a few short years.

      Meanwhile you were writing that Coke's wheels were coming off. You also said that Pepsi would crush Coke and that Coke was a silly investment made up of smoke-n-mirrors and accounting tricks (remember?).

      I am here to remind you that you were incredible wrong on Coca-Cola. Coke is at the right place at the right time. To be honest after a 50% move in two years, Coca-Cola is quite under-valued at this point.

      Remember when I finally sell I will explain to you why the investment in Coke was a great opportunity. It's going to look real obvious looking back. We still have a ways to go here yet!

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