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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Feb 9, 2007 4:24 PM Flag

    Alpha's Many Delusions

    Alpha, no matter how many times you present so, I laugh at your efforts to compare war to business. It isn't. Duck has been right on target to present what war is all about. Your sugar coating of what war is, why to go to war and when to get out is totally unfortunate, although it is in keeping with the ability of America to focus on issues.

    As for your inability to focus on Duck's gold investment, that too is unfortunate. None of us were present "2 decades ago", a period that you like to present in dismissing an investment in gold. But we all were present years ago when gold was well below $300. It is now $660. Stick with the proper context in arguing your point. This incessant delusion that 25 years ago means something for what a gold investment has in store is nonsense. There is no context for you to promote such. It would be more appropriate for you to congratulate Duck on choosing an excellent investment vehicle.

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    • alph...plug in AEM....or perhaps paas

      >>i do recall i bot into that nonsense about a yr ago..AND said (posted) when TRE was 8.50..."EASY DOUBLE from here"...obviously in hindsight..i was wrong!!!

      >>and...take a look at ccj performance for the last's in my funny fund...(not sure why)up or down a few $

    • Gold, silver, unranium... or the staid S&P:


    • RE: minipulating the PRICE by LEASING and LOANING GOLD but holding it ON THE BOOKS giving a FALSE impression that 3 to 5 times as much GOLD actualy exists!

      >>hum...naked owners..

    • QWAK,canucanoe,NONE of the OTHERS have been concidered the ULTIMIT form of MONEY for 5000 YEARS! (and COUNTING!)

      The BANKERS and GOVERNMENTS know it is TRUE and one day ---- so WILL YOU! :)

      the DUCK

    • Each commodity is different. Such a revelation, Duck. May I note that the commodity of ivory has special powers and uses? And that sugar is also considered a strategic commodity? Not to mention that palladium and platinum is needed for our cars not to pollute? Must I go on? nah... it seems you are beginning to realize that gold is a hard asset, not money.

    • QWAK,alpha,You don't know how to READ the SIGNS so YOU see and percieve just the SURFACE and NOT the DEEPER MEANINGS and IMPLICATIONS!

      IF it was all UP FRONT and OBVIOUS then all the IDIOTS and FOOLS would realise that FIAT is a SCAM and DEBT a TRAP and RUN like SCALDED APES!

      The ONLY way FIAT works for awile is PEOPLE are STUPID and TRUSTING in the BANKERS and CORRUPTED GOVERNMENTS!!! When they STOP TRUSTING and BELIEVING the SCAM is OVER!!!!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,GOLD is a VERY DIFERENT thing from any other comodities, it always has been and always will be MONEY! The current ANOMILY is due to CENTRAL BANKS minipulating the PRICE by LEASING and LOANING GOLD but holding it ON THE BOOKS giving a FALSE impression that 3 to 5 times as much GOLD actualy exists! That is HOW they DIDGUISED how much the VALUE of ALL the FIAT currency has FALLEN!

      It has been a COLOSAL GLOBAL FRAUD with COLUSION from ALL the CENTRAL BANKS but especialy the FED runing the show!

      Now that it is virtualy COMMON KNOLAGE the central banks are BUYING PHYSICAL GOLD and trying as best they can to COVER their ASSES and replace some of the MISSING GOLD! They got some VERY BIG PROBLEMS but AVOID talking about it as much as posable! That is WHY all of them talk in GIBERISH like Greenspan, because PEOPLE HEAR and believe what they want to hear and believe! :)

      the DUCK

    • No Dwuck.. I read it precisely as it presented itself. It was hardly as you yelled THE WAVE of a LIFETIME. As you pointed out in your response, it was much more in keeping with my conservative outlook for gold. Just wish you would recognize and represent more factually.


    • Rubbish, Duck. Hard asset prices go up, they go down. Gold, sugar, cocoa all spiked in the '70s, the world did not crash then, and it won't if prices spike again. Some hard assets never seem to go down though... assets like Picassos or Shelby Cobras. Gold will go up, imo, but I worry you won't ever see the point at which gravity will pull it down.

    • QWAK,alpha,What YOU failed to PERCIEVE in that link was that it was THE MOST CONCERVITIVE and RELUCTENT ones who were saying $750.00 and $850.00, as they try to figure out WHY or just blow it off like they have been doing for over 6 years now!

      They are a lot like YOU ---- DRAGING their feet ,kicking and screaming like 3 year olds --- just short of throwing a TANTRUM! HE HE HE

      ECONOMIC GRAVITY will have ITS WAY ---- BALLONS full of HOT AIR -- grow cold and FALL like STONES!

      We are awash in a SEA of DILUTED FIAT CURRENCY, strangely enough "GOLD" which is one of the HEAVIEST ELIMENTS, FLOATS like a CORK in a SEA of FIAT currency.

      Holding the price of GOLD DOWN, to hide the FIAT FRAUD requires great effort,and colusion of the Central banks and bullion banks which has esencialy been proven beyond a dbout!

      If you have ever as a kid played in a pool with a ball that floats, then you can UNDERSTAND what is about to happen relitively SOON, when the BALL (price of GOLD) is released and NATURE takes its coarse! The BALL tends to JUMP out of the water, esencialy LAUNCHING IT SELF! Gold and SILVER too, are going to do the SAME as the BALL and "IT GONA BE SOMTHIN TO SEE!" :)

      the DUCK

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