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  • bush_is_a_sharon_puppet bush_is_a_sharon_puppet Feb 23, 2007 9:44 PM Flag

    I did not know this

    What happens if a soldier doesn't want to take part in the insanity Cheney/Bush are running in Iraq?

    Dishonorable discharge from the military. I can understand that.

    And 6 years in jail! SIX years in jail for refusing to take part in atrocities and refusing to kill innocent people AFTER it's been found out that the war was unnecessary and started on a lie!§ion_id=603&story_id=8785

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    • Yo duck... I don't think these people are blind or unable to read, but there's a very strong possiblity that they might be somehow "DEAF" even to the written word... soooo
      how about trying sign language instead? I know it's a long shot, but with the amount of time and effort you spend preching the WORD of the DUCK, I think it's safe to say, your duck words are falling on deaf eyes! :) But as far as I'm concerned, I can only say... GOOD!!! The more they lose the better I like it. Why you ask? Because they don't really like you, nor care if you survive or not. Me? They have a pretty strong hateful opinion, which actually gives me strenth, because of their stupidity. Knowing how stupid they are, makes me see more clearly every day, that we're both positively on the right track. If it were otherwise, I'd be looking for different ways to add to my growing fortune. Did I mention that I plan on taking 1/3 of my profits on gold when it gets to $1000oz.? Then I'll reinvest those profits at a lower price... which will likely be somewhere in the $700 to $800 area. That way, we can skin a few moron's and get a little fatter on them. Now you see why I like to use them? Easy and predictable. Try not to be tooooo hard on our old crossdressing hesheit. That's a strange person with a huge mental problem!

    • QWAK,Bear,What happens when you take "Green house Tomatoes" out side in the WINTER is about the same thing that happens to "Citified and totaly Domesticated PEOPLE" when they are taken out in the REAL NATURAL WORLD and let to SURVIVE as best the can.

      The MINIPULATORS have created an ECONOMIC GREEN HOUSE ware there is the ILUSION that it is NOT WINTER! :)

      I'm doing the same with my ELOPHANT EAR plant but it takes a lot of time and energy just to keep it ALIVE and it is NOT realy growing just not DIEING as long as I burn enough WOOD and PROPAINE to keep it from freezing!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,egghead,Every thing I said was and I true,YOU just refuse to see or believe because it is UNTHINKABKE to YOU that it IS TRUE!

      Not only can it be BOTH ways there are lots of other ways they have been SCREWING YOU and you rather INJOYED it and asked for MORE! (hint -- CHEEP CREDIT)

      It is OK for you to CHOSE to be a DEBT SLAVE but once you know their GAME --- WHY continue to play and just go deeper in to the SWAMP?

      I take no pleasure in seeing people harm them selves and others and offer an ALTERNITIVE to GREED ----- it's called SAVINGS and is BEST done in REAL MONEY -- GOLD and perhaps SILVER TOO!

      It is NOT GREED but rather SURVIVAL! It is not about GETING MORE it is about LOSING LESS! :)

      It is a simple plan realy. Pay off your DEBTS or at least as much and fast as you can. At the same time BUY a little physical SILVER or GOLD if you can. Cut back to living well beneath your means and STOP SPENDING what you don't have to spend ----- DEBT means YOU don't have MONEY to spend and YOU are selling your own FUTURE in to SLAVERY!

      IF you got the GUTS and GRIT to do this, YOU and yours just may SURVIVE and come out OK eventualy as FREE and perhaps even well off!

      the DUCK

    • Yo duck... do you actually believe this crowd even KNOWS about the Kwave... let alone knows, or understands a single bit of it!!!!!!!!????????? Even if anyone you preach reality to heard of it, you must realize that it DOES NOT APPLY to them. Their world is not like the old one. Their world is something so different that even they don't understand it, but they have FAITH that they'll be protected from whatever all the evil of this nasty world is worrying about. In other words... they thing that no matter what... things will work out just fine... as always. Their short history has been picked apart so that all they see is all the goodies like kids in a candy store. They don't see the rats running around after dark, when nobody's around.

    • i beg to differ.....and we currently have harvested a crop of parsley..

      >>Most crops in the U.S. are planted in the spring. The exception is winter wheat, which is planted across the U.S. but concentrated in the central and southern Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest. Winter wheat is planted in the fall, goes into dormancy during the winter, and is harvested for grain the following spring.

    • Donald said "You don't plant CROPS in the FALL, that is when YOU HARVEST THEM! When WINTER comes (it is here NOW) you sit by the fire and consume what you have SAVED/HARVISTED and contemplate how you will PLANT some of what has been SAVED when SPRING arives!"

      In reference to 'The Kondratieff Theory' which makes a case for cyclical economic theory.

      However Donald believes there's a plunge protection team manipulating the stock market:

      Donald also believes the price of Gold is manipulated by the Central banks:

      So which is it Donald? Is our economy being manipulated by higher forces or is there a cycle to our economy?

      You can't have it both ways Donald!

      Maybe your in a MATRIX PARADIGM in which you projected an ILLUSION which is an IMITATION of a PRETEND REALITY in an ALLEGORICAL format located in a TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM?

      It could happen!

    • QWAK,FYI, for any who do not comprehend even YET!

      You don't plant CROPS in the FALL, that is when YOU HARVEST THEM! When WINTER comes (it is here NOW) you sit by the fire and consume what you have SAVED/HARVISTED and contemplate how you will PLANT some of what has been SAVED when SPRING arives! :) Just a helpfull hint.

      the DUCK

    • Yo duck... have you noticed the crossdresser from the old TPTI doing the EXACT SAME ACT here as back then? This is the same moron who used a famale name, but was supposed to be something else. You see how sickness and misery manifests itself? That's the same (hesheit) lah-dee-dah, still trying to spreadiang it's own venomous disease on just us this time... but all over the place back then on tpti. Back then, nobody like that sick crackpot. I LOVE seeing this thought, because it shows the suffering that hurts (hesheit) deeply. The poor bast... must be convulsing now!!! :)

    • Yo duck... I know you can't help being generous toward those poor lost morons, but you needn't play that card with such trash who NEVER ONCE contribute idea's. They just try to tear down and destroy. The problem they face, is that none of it affects you or me... but as you try to reason, it's themselves that their hate destroys. Sooooooooo... everytime they pile a little more on, it's really their own misery that gets worse... which they can't do anything about without showing their frustration. It gives me personal satisfaction that we are progressing exactly as they wish wasn't true. The point is that hate will always lose out. I've tried to point out the right path through pure fundamentals and technicals. The preaching is your bag. I enjoy seeing morons pay dearly because of their uncontrollable anger. I can just see the frothy foam dribbling down that sick fools chin, while he gags on his rage at watching our blessings multiply. Poor fool... yuk, yuk... eventually some folks finally wake up and realize the old saying... "if you can't beat them, join them". Well, they sure can't beat anyone, and I don't see enough brains in those posts that indicate they're going to releive any of their own self-inflicted pain!

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