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  • bush_is_a_sharon_puppet bush_is_a_sharon_puppet Mar 13, 2007 10:32 PM Flag

    How good an American was I?

    How good an American was I? Did I do what I could to resist the takeover of my country and the brutalisation of my fellow human beings? How much further could I have gone? Were the crimes of the Bush administration those that demand you give up your life and everyday commitments to throw yourself into maximum resistance? If not, then what were we waiting for? The questions have troubled me regularly these last five years,

    ... These days Americans seem to be waking up one at a time, groggy and embittered, from the hypnotic nightmare that was the Bush administration's one great success - spreading a miasma of fear and patriotic submissiveness that made it possible to mount an illegal and immoral war, piss on the bill of rights, burn the constitution and violate international charters.. None of the sleepers seems to remember that they were part of the legions who obeyed the orders to fear and hate - but we welcome the latecomers into our ranks anyway.,,2033238,00.html

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    • Yep, and as you proudly told us, Iran has no problem using WMD. When are you moving there?

    • bush_is_a_sharon_puppet bush_is_a_sharon_puppet Apr 10, 2007 10:27 AM Flag

      Sunday April 8, 2007
      The Observer

      An Iranian diplomat who was freed last week, two months after being seized in Iraq, said yesterday that he had been tortured by the CIA while in captivity at an Iraqi government installation.

      Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced during a ceremony held at the Natanz facility on Monday that Iran had begun industrial-scale nuclear fuel production.

      Iranian officials said Iran had started injecting gas into a batch of 3,000 atomic centrifuges just installed at Natanz.

      By Reuters

      Two United Nations nuclear inspectors began a week-long trip to Iran on Tuesday to visit the country's Natanz uranium enrichment facility, a day after Tehran declared it had begun industrial atomic work at the site.

      Ahmadinejad is simultaneously raising the stakes in all three arenas of concern to the US and Israel by stepping up the nuclear program, keeping the lethal heat on American soldiers in Iraq and prolonging the threat of a coup d'etat against the US-backed Saniora in Lebanon.

      Six American soldiers killed in Iraq yesterday raising the toll to 45 in the last 9 days(in case anybody still cares)

    • Ahhh, the man who previously endorsed the use of weapons of mass destruction. Now he conjures up that Iran "is there" with WMD by his gross inaccuracies. Is this the same poster that just admonished me for not caring about a potentially kidnapped soldier? lol! ...parasite...

    • Iran celebrates the first anniversary of its uranium enrichment program and announces the installation of 3,000 new centrifuges.

      With 3,000, Iran will produce enough fissile material for a nuclear bomb every 9 months. Or the first bomb by the end of 2007, not counting the material they already produced in the last 12 months. And assuming that what they are declaring to the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency is in fact full disclosure of all their nuclear activities.

      Do you people realize what this means? According to what Iran have been declaring to inspectors, they will have their first bomb by the end of this year. But the inspectors are only allowed into 2 facilities and their requests to visit additional facilities have all been denied. Iran has 11 nuclear facilities in total.

    • >>Once I get my new BBQ RAY you will have a very ZEN experience and you will "BE the BBQ" --- LONG PIG!

      Oh no!! I see another one-eyed post coming preaching about "all is one" and "where's the love".

    • REGARDING: i remember when the duck saved the humming bird...a few years ago.....and i surely don't think he made it up....

      RESPONSE: I was not implying that he made up giving CPR to the humming bird. Nor was I implying that I didn't believe he cooked up and ate raw rattlesnake and pretended it was human intestine in a fit of Dahmerism. And he said himself he would leave a young puppy in the cold and laugh. The point of my post was to point out Donald's psychiatric condition, which I do believe to be all too real. Hope this clears up your confusion splitter. As for you Donald, I may give Winthrop a call and ask him to check in on you.

      Asa lama la'akem,

    • QWAK,mikiesnoky ,ps Great news about the BBQ back on!!

      Once I get my new BBQ RAY you will have a very ZEN experience and you will "BE the BBQ" --- LONG PIG! :)

      the DUCK

    • i remember when the duck saved the humming bird...a few years ago.....and i surely don't think he made it up....


    • REGARDING: I have resqued more critters than I can count EVEN gave a HUMMING BIRD CPR and saved its life!

      RESPONSE: Your disorder may be worse than I surmised, Donald. In one post you go from beating young puppies and leaving them out in the cold and laughing about it, to then giving CPR to a humming bird. And we all know what you did to those poor, poor rattlesnakes on your property. I don't think any of the Docs over at Hogeye Psych can handle your case. I may have to treat you myself like Jack Nicholson in Anger Management.


      ps Great news about the BBQ back on!!

    • QWAK,mikiesnoky, HE HE HE,You can talk SOooooooooooo SILLY!

      I have resqued more critters than I can count EVEN gave a HUMMING BIRD CPR and saved its life!

      People HERE think I am crazy because MY dogs DO live in side WITH me, usualy geting dog hair and dirt ON MY BED! :)

      Even WILD critters know or percieve they can TRUST me to help them!

      I can only IMAGIN that your wife/girl friend (?) lets YOU PEE on the carpet and don't put YOU out and in that case I guess I could understand YOUR LOGIC in saying somthing SOooooooo FOOLISH!

      YOU BE FUNKEY! Like a MONKEY! :)

      the DUCK

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