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  • splitrader splitrader Mar 20, 2007 4:20 PM Flag

    let's make some money

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    • "Let's say that on an island there are two tribes. Ninety-nine percent of the population are the "Bushes" and 1% are the "Smartos." The two tribes arrived on the island at about the same time and had little capital at the time. So, initially, both tribes worked very hard in industry and in commerce to acquire wealth. But because of the Smartos' superior education and skills, their frugality, and also partly because of their greed and immorality, they soon acquired significantly more wealth than the Bushes, who, for the most part, were likeable but quite inept. After 50 years, most of the island's businesses were therefore in the hands of the Smartos, who make up just 1% of the population. Being clever, the Smartos generously gave some of their wealth to the tribal leaders of the Bushes, who controlled the entire government apparatus, the military establishment, and much of the land.

      For a while this system functioned perfectly well.."

    • I would call this more a mini novel than an article. Five pages when printed, it explains the different mechanisms used in recent years in this country to keep the financial system going and explains why and how the economy did not go into a recession and is not yet failing despite repeated such sensible projections.

      It is written as fiction but the parallels are easy to draw. I agree with it except for the last 2 pragarphs which have not materialized in this country yet. So basically I agree with the analysis of what has actually happened so far. My prediction for the end takes a different path.

      Irreparable Cracks in the Financial System:

    • QWAK,Things are seldom as they seem! :)

      If you watch the clip and look close at the end ---- its a FOAM WALL! LOL

      Just the same, very CREATIVE and it helped make MY point!;) LOL

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Just because YOU spend money,acumulate some and try to INVEST it does NOT mean YOU comprehend WHAT money IS and REPRESENTS. Believing THAT is like what happens when a KID gets the keys to a 50K muscle car but DON'T know how to drive STICK SHIFT! With out knowing and understanding the BASICS one IMAGINS what IS and BELIEVES it IS, untill SUPRISE they "HIT the WALL" and ------ Its NOT how they THOUGHT "IT" WAS! OOPS BIG TIME!

      (Note to Bear,with your love of cars you may NOT want to WATCH THIS! Too pain full!) :)

      Some could posably JUSTIFY HOMICIDE on the part of the Father! He might just get Probation even! ;)

      the DUCK

    • REGARDING: The Duck sows fear of the dollar to plump up his gold pricing. Just to shear most all investors.

      RESPONSE: Canu you serious? To think that the Donald thinks that he can impact the POG or the US$ is laughable, man. That is Bush league stuff.


    • Duck, if you wanted "TRUTH", you wouldn't have stuck to your claim that one should buy Euros because they were gold backed. You did this for years even though you were told they weren't gold backed. Nah... you are a fright monger looking to scare everyone into boosting your gold price in the same fashion as Mogambo has presented.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,You are SOoooooooo wrong! What I want is people to understand what REAL MONEY and REAL FREEDOM are all about NOT the distorted SLAVERY that calls it self FREEDOM and ROBS people every day in countless ways!

      IGNORENCE of TRUTH means what ever the HUSTLERS say is accepted and actual TRUTH REJECTED!

      What once WAS is GONE and WHAT is has become IS somthing VERY DIFERENT, FIEW KNOW TRUTH so to them things have not and never WILL change ---- untill they DO and they ask HOW and WHY and no one is there TO answer!


      the DUCK

    • Well we have Mogambone buttering up the Duck. Only he presents what the Duck's true plan is:

      >>>You intricately wove the economic factors
      facing Farmer Brown and how he interacts
      with his animals - in your example sheep.
      The sheep feel the cold and grow more
      wool forthwith Farmer Brown sheers the
      sheep and/or slaughers them for a profit.<<<

      The Duck sows fear of the dollar to plump up his gold pricing. Just to shear most all investors.

    • Don't you have a better place to invest your time and skill!

    • " i guess i missed that.....BUT i made lot of money on tasr....AND...i didn't even know he was pumping it"

      That's like sitting in a casino and saying Huh.. What.. but I made a lot of money on this slot machine. Hardly worth a self pat on the back.

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