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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Apr 8, 2007 8:51 AM Flag

    QWAK,FYI for Bear and alpha

    QWAK,Bear and alpha you may want to read this about the price of GOLD. :) (your bet)

    Don't look for GOLD to go under $600.00 ever agen in your life time!:) Perhaps 2x or 3x $600.00 but never under --- they have just created too much new FIAT for that to happen.

    the DUCK

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    • alpha, every forecast has caveats. However, some are heartfelt and some are nonsense. Yours seem to be the latter.

    • You were not discussing my gold prognostication. You were either deliberately or stupidly omitting the modifying word 'possibility.' Go Back and reread very slowly. I think you will find the modifying word.

      Now others may allow you to get away with such Cheney/Rove type shananigans, but I am on to your nonsense. You seem to be taken by your own blindness. Do not expect others to be so foolish.

      So if you would like to discuss the 'possibility' and in fact place it in a reasonable wager, I have indicated my willingness.

      It seems to me you would rather see your own chat. Seems to me, you would rather ignore the facts and continue blathering. YOur choice Canoodle.

      Guess you will have to figure out what Cheney or Rove would do. Perhaps you could make a song of it. "What would the Bush Advisors Do?" I can almost hear it.


    • Alpha, we were discussing your gold prognostication. You are hiding behind Rove and Cheney now that you were called out to walk your talk.

    • Yes.. you have become a cross between your boys, Rove and Cheney. And I have given you ample chance to acknowledge that I said possibility. Guess you will continue with your misstatements no matter the facts. Seems to be Cheney's tact. But no doubt that is the political recomendation of Rove. Too bad you cant understand language. No wonder you wonder about talk versus walk.


    • Alpha, re:

      >>>Shall I refer you to a good online dictionary that will furhter explain 'possibility.' Has this Iraq Missadventure and the National Respect of President Clinton made you desperate. <<<

      The use of the language left you with a decision. Walk your talk or back off. I see you backed off. As for the war you endorsed, I don't see what it has to do with this discussion of your flippant forecast you have chosen to walk away from.

    • Again Canoodle.. Are you really language challenged. Do you fail to understand what a possibility is. I can understand such myopis from the Dwuck, but his are emotionally related. Are there emotional dysfunctions, language-wise, of which I and the rest of us should be aware. Shall I refer you to a good online dictionary that will furhter explain 'possibility.' Has this Iraq Missadventure and the National Respect of President Clinton made you desperate.


    • QWAK,canucanoe,Alpha is a LAWYER! Why would you EXPECT somthing else from him?

      One DEFINITION for INSANITY is: Doing the SAME thing over and over agen and EXPECTING a DIFERENT out come! :)

      HE HE HE
      the DUCK

    • Alpha, so once again, you present your nonsense on gold. After you saying it will be between $550 and $750 through the rest of the decade, you now want 20:1 odds if it stays below $850 for the rest of decade? lol! You really can't walk your talk.

    • It is difficult at times to konw which of your mentors, Rove or Cheney you style yourself after more. If only you knew the sexual immoralitties in their closest.

      While I take no glory in your stupidity, I will certainly enter into a wager consistent with my statements and thinking. Give me 20 to 1 and I will take the wager that gold will not break above 850 by EOD. As I said 'possibility'.

      I am glad to see that my short lesson on the possibility that you will awake tomorrow and recognize that Iraq has become a big Missadventure, helped you understand english better. Now lets see if you will accept the proper odds or will continue with your ignorant attempts at bating.


    • Alpha, your last posting again confirms your talk is cheap. A respectful response would be "I don't wish to bet". Instead, you keep accusing me of bad English, tortured reasoning, etc. I've landed on your lap a bet scenario (breaches $850 by end of decade) that is enticing if you truly believe your thoughts that gold will languish between $550 and $750 for 2.5 more years. Come clean and stop your wet willie dodges.

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