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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Apr 8, 2007 6:13 PM Flag

    Biasp moves to forget last week

    when he told everyone how hospitable Iran was when they kidnapped the British soldiers. Must be hard to sleep at night with such a sleazy national policy to promote.

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    • You're correct. I should have said we haven't won a war, not that we lost 'em.

      As for your nonsense that Bush should have gone to N. Korea, I see you really don't know why we didn't win the Korean War.

    • "America has lost every war since WW2"

      We didn't lose the Korean war, which we went into under a UN mandate and won in preventing the north from taking over. In retrospect, we did the Korean a big favor. Bush may have had a similar success had he decided to free the North Koreans from their lunatic dictator instead of invading Iraq. But again North Korea is not close to Israel, hence the choice of Iraq.

    • biasp, you ignore history. America has lost every war since WW2. And our influence has only soared. You don't understand the use of the military in a geopolitical climate. You don't understand democracy. And because of that, you reflect your beloved Middle East which has been, and remains, in decline for 6 centuries.

    • Who's kidding who! Bush and his oil buddies know before anybody else that Iraq is a losing cause.

      Things will get worse and worse both for us and the Iraqis as long as our army is there occupying that country. They know this, but everyday they are trying to find a new excuse to prolong this human tragdy a little longer to keep the war loot flowing into their pockets as long as they possibly can. And when I say loot I don't mean a few hundred thousands or so. They are pocketing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY MONTH, month in and month out. What would somebody need all this money for! At what point would one say: I have enough, I'll stop now!!

      Here is the latest and strangest from Iraq:

      Baghdad, 13 April (AKI) - Calling it the "Top 20" Iraqi militant group Ansar al-Sunna has posted on the internet a series of video images it says represent the most devastating roadside bomb attacks agains US troops in Iraq. The footage which lasts seven minutes shows 20 separate attacks which, a voiceover narrator explains "serve to encourage the mujahadeen to Jihad and to place them in a competition amongst each other against their enemy."

      The narrator explains that the postion images reach on the Top 20 "chart" is based on the extent to which they fulfil the following criteria: "importance of the target, position taken by the person filming the attack, the quality of the footage, the accuracy in hitting the target, the 'quality' of the explosion, and footage taken after the attack."

    • I hope it's the staff behind the idea of his Baghdad visit.

      "Senator John McCain, once clear front-runner to be the Republican Party's presidential nominee, has fired some of his campaign team as part of an effort to reinvigorate his flailing candidacy. In a sign of how badly he is struggling, a poll has revealed support for the actor Fred Thompson has soared and Mr McCain has been pushed into third place..

    • You don't have to explicitly utter the exact words. The meaning of your replies did say that but nevertheless I am relieved by your latest reply. Because someone who has no regard for the lives of his fellow countrymen is someone who is deeply disturbed.

      As to Iran, don't put words in my mouth. If there is something you don't understand, ask.

      I think that Iran is a country that has no problem using WMD if pressed. I think it is their right to defend their existence if it is threatened. Seeing what happened to Iraq after Saddam allowed UN inspectors unfettered access to any place in the country, and seeing how he allowed them to disarm his military from its missile capability, only to be invaded weeks later and have the country destroyed. It's a stupid nation indded that will repeat the same mistake. If you can't defend yourself, you will either have to give up your sovereignty or be destroyed just like Iraq was. A lesson not missed by the Iranians. And if Iran is threatened with imminent destruction/attack, I think they will strike at Israel, not at the U.S.

      This is my take on the situation. And while I support all the weak countries right to arm and be able to defend themselve I do not look up to Iran nor do I admire their behavior. I do support their right to get the bomb as long as this gang of thugs have a hold on our government and are constantly threatening and seeking world domination on the expense of the populous of other nations.

    • Oh well, I tried.

      You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
      And you certainly can't make someone care about his fellow citizens. But what makes your callous disregard for human life remarkable is that you have been tirelessly promoting this war day after day but audaciously refuse to support our kidnapped soldiers. "It's a nasty war" is all you could muster. But you really are just towing the official government line. We pay them well to go there and they understand the risks. Isn't that it?

    • "Here is a fellow, biasp, who sleeps and feasts in the West while spreading his terrorist invective. A parasite."

      Even with somone of his ilk posting here with impunity like Bush our country's 'speech freedom' permits him.

      Bush presents us his reasons as to why he hates a country where he supposedly lives and works. While reading his posts you can almost feel his bitterness and visualize the scowl on his face as he kicks the cat while he types the venom about our country. All the while posting the wonders of the Islamists Fasciats.

      He's an interesting read even though he's a Benidict Arnold.

    • lol! Here is a fellow, biasp, who sleeps and feasts in the West while spreading his terrorist invective. A parasite.

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