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  • obfuscate_and_deceive obfuscate_and_deceive Apr 16, 2007 11:04 AM Flag

    State housing comissions wants taxpayers to bail out pending foreclosures?

    Sends the wrong message!

    Ohio, Mass, Colo are all passing bond measures to fund a fund to support those about to lose their homes. Is this more political or financial?

    Why should taxpayers bailout those close to foreclosure?

    Would we have shared in their gain if theyu made money when they attempted to flip?

    This country is becoming more socialist and irresponsible every year.

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    • Ah Canoodle.. NOt a single fact just a Canoodle's doodles. And to think you have taken the liberty to lump in Tucson with its stirct water use and landscaping regulations to boot. Once again, you speak of that which you have no real idea of the facts.

      You can elect to live and buy land in a high land cost area such as NYC. It will no doubt limit the amount of house you can then afford to erect. Costs, not land use regulation, will determine how much land and house you get.

      I should think a free marketeer would understand such. But then again perhaps you arent a free marketeer. Perhaps you want gov't regulation on where Americans can live and the required density of their housing. So be it.


    • I'm sorry, Alpha, but sprawl is Phoenix. Lush landscaping in a desert clime is Phoenix. High density energy distribution is NYC (good). One can only laugh at a person who says Phoenix/Tucson sprawl is comparable to NYC sprawl. That person is either a lawyer or a fool.

    • Canoodle... So as I thought.. talking out your arse agian.

      Harsh climes is nothing new. Is NY and the frozen NE any less hospitable than AZ and the SE desert. Each requires alteration of the 'natural climate.'

      Further, Im not aware that zoning laws in AZ or the greater Phx are to be more precise, sanction sprawl any greater than do teh zoning laws of Yonkers for example. Do you. I doubted it.

      So unless you have some factual evidence that I waste resources moreso than yourself, I would suggest stop making such an arse of yourself.


    • Alpha, anyone choosing to live in Phoenix has endorsed what you call "global warming". The zoning regs all embraced sprawl. THe waste of water, energy is enormous. It's not about what Con Ed charges a New Yorker, it is what was gained by permitting Phoenix to grow up, when we all knew better, in a fashion that China is doing now.

    • Canoodle.. Are you trying to be funny. Cause it sounds like you are and YOu are failing.

      And speaking of spouting out your arse, since when is desert A/C a meaningful contributor to greenhouse gasses. And for that matter, do you have any evidence that AZ electric generating pollutes more than Con Eds. Somehow I dont think so. Guess I get a gold star from the likes of you that I dont use heat in the Winter.


    • I fear you don't understand what is going on. The lobbyists aren't trying to bail out the poor homeowner. They want the lender to be bailed out. This is corporate welfare, a Wall Street bailout, not a Main Street concern.

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