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  • mrsippi05 mrsippi05 May 4, 2007 7:18 AM Flag

    Little Known Albert Einstein Factoid

    Few people knew that Albert Einstein, born in 1879, married his cousin, Elsa L�wenthal , when his first marriage to Mileva Maric dissolved in 1919.

    Einstein admitted he was attracted to Elsa because she was very well endowed. He also said he thought his feelings for her were enhanced by their shared DNA--being a close relative made the attraction even more intense.

    Because of this somewhat unusual union Einstein spent years formulating the reason for his love for Elsa. Using Quantum statistical calculations Albert finally came up with what is now known as Einstein's Theory of Relative Titty.

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    • ...keep handing out those gift bags to the hostages you take... and don't forget to take pics for the scrapbook.

    • The spinmeister accuses me of being a propagandist. Regardless, I don't see how you are spinning this one.

      It is indeed a sad state of affairs we have reached when bush apologists brag about Iran granting our gov’s request for talks.

      It wasn’t that long ago when bush officials branded Iran a terrorist state and refused to talk to it on the basis that they don’t negotiate with terrorists.

      Now they are requesting to talk to Iran and when their request was granted, canu is happy like a clam!

      Are we winning the war on terror? 4 years after we SUCCESSFULLY defeated AlQaeda, now they are taking the offensive and capturing our soldiers prisoners!! How did the tables turn so fast! Yesterday we were winning. Does anybody see our standing improving in the middle east or is it going down and we are losing influence and power?

      canu, I love to stay here and chat but I actually have to work for a living. Unless you can get me a job getting paid for posting here, you'll have to contend with back and forth exchanges with your colleague azalp the attorney. That way you both can make money.

    • lol! the propagandist speaks. The same fellow handing gift baskets to the British sailors he took as hostages. Funny how just a fortnight ago his Gov't wouldn't talk and now it will. Being isolated can sober one up.

    • "The Americans, in order to solve the security situation in Iraq, requested to talk to Iran. In order to support the Iraqi people we will talk to them," he said.

      "It (the meeting) will take place in Baghdad in the presence of the Iraqi government," he said, adding that a date for the talks had yet to be set.

      "They know that their plans have failed in Iraq, their vision is wrong. As long as you are plotting against the Iraqi people, failure will be there day after day," said Ahmadinejad.

      Copyright © 2007 Reuters
      Re. "Iran agrees on talks at the ambassadorial level"


      And for the latest on the Iranian president's extracurricular activities, check out what he did yesterday

    • Canoodle doing his dance. CAught spinning, he now waltzes. Back to whining as well, I see.

      While most recognize that the criticism belongs on Disaster Minds in the White House, Canoodle whines about the criticism. Go back to criticizing Sec Powell. You were nearly credible. For NeoHead morons like yourself. Certainly you can come to terms and recognize how many steps backward, Rice has been.


    • Alpha, I see you just like to complain. If you think Iran's leadership situation is comparable to S. Korea, we should end the discussion.

    • Alpha, I have no idea what your point is. I was only pointing out how Iran doesn't have a strong hand as every media outlet in America portrays. Any country dependent on imports for their food and energy (refined oil), while exporting oil, is not so strong. In addition, Iran is isolated in so many ways it is ridiculous to conclude that they have a strategy worth consideration, outside of tactical advantages near term and "locally". Iran walking away from US initiatives to start a dialogue was naive and childish, as much of biasp's postings show. It seems they have come to their senses as most children do after being reprimanded!

    • That's not funny.

    • Yet another that sees right thru you, Arafart. Duplicitous hypocrite. Evil at the Core.


    • Lets hope you are right. Lets also hope those within Iran who are sane and love Democracy gain the necessary power.


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