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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 May 4, 2007 8:46 AM Flag


    QWAK,Today DEBT is the MODERN form of SLAVERY it works so much better than WHIPS and CHAINS and is SO much harder to ESCAPE!

    the DUCK

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    • need to go down off the mnt..and get some fresh air.............

      >> good you been working on your project..rather than posting your life can't save em...(us) capatalists

      >> j4 sold his Real estate 1 &1/2 yrs ago...i assume you still own the mountain top


    • Not really Duck,,, taking on debt is a personal choice. You exercised the same choice in buying assets you didn't need. Assets (gold) that didn't house the family, nor feed it. Most everyone else takes on debt to live better or more economically - not you.

    • duckie....why not start posting this link on the bottom of all your posts.....for those who need help...(wonder if he recommends they buy Gold)

    • Lets see.. OK.. lets spin the Tet offensive which showed the lie of Johnson & Co, and now declare it a US victory.

      And lets resurrect our Nixon thing and blame the Media for the mess that is the Iraq Missadventure. Caught a Republican commentator last nite musing about how the Republican Party would have been excorciating any number of Democrats were they the President adn the Iraq War been handled as bad as Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have. This commentator had little doubt that the Republicans would been talking impeachment.

      Sage man, methinks.


    • Regards: How does it feel KNOWING that YOU will be a BUG on the WINDSHIELD? When the DOLLAR FOLDS and becomes worth so MUCH LESS that it will be REPLACED with a "NEW American" currency?

      Response: Here's a Neurotic Hermit living high atop a mountain in the woods of Arkansas telling almost everyone on the KO and GIM board what he believes is Right On and if you don't believe likewise you are a fool.

      If that don't beat all this Neurotic Hermit then tries to paint almost everyone as being way in debt or not owning any PM's. This Goldbug then tries to convert everyone into his PM Religion and asking us to genuflect before the almighty goldbar.

      Reverand Donald L. Duck .... give it a rest.

      "ALL is ONE" What we DO to and FOR others we DO "TO and FOR" our selves ultimitly!

      People SELDOM look for TRUTH! What they look for is CONFERMATION that what they have chosen to believe IS TRUTH! This is why people will believe almost ANY THING and also WHY the WORLD is SO MESSED UP!

      You can QUOTE me on both!

    • n-dimensional thinking is neither good nor bad in my opinion. It is also something inherent or embedded early one (IMO). One demisional thinking is also neither good nor bad, but just is. (Though I have never met someone completely one dimensional.)

      I feel some people of inherently more comfortable progressing down multiple paths at the same time. Where as others progress down the same paths one after another.

      I do believe there are some fields where multi-dimensional types do better but there are also other fields where more linear thinkers do better. But neither is inherently good or bad. I have tended to naturally gravitate to activities where n-dimensional thinking works well and thus I am comfortable. My wife is very linear in her approach and has gravitiated to opportunities where that is more appropriate.

      Neither inherently good or bad and both are needed.

      BTW, I only occasionally drink and never do drugs.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,This is for YOUR EDUCATION, the story of HOW and WHY both GOLD and SILVER have been MINIPULATED to maintain artificialy LOW PRICES!

      This esencialy is an OPERTUINTY seldom if EVER seen, because of THEIR GREED (the BANKERS) just SAVING in HARD CURRENCE will eventualy be like WINING the LOTTERY!

      READ the LINK knot head!
      Prompted by Barrick Gold's recent announcement that it has closed the hedge book of its operating mines (but not the hedge book of its prospective mines), silver market analyst Ted Butler's new commentary takes a long view of precious metals hedging. He calls it "an epic management blunder" -- and it well may be so, if viewed only from the standpoint of most mining company shareholders. But if a mining company has a special connection to a government that wants to control the gold price more or less surreptitiously, the blunder may prove forgivable in certain circles.

      Butler's was the first loud voice against what quickly proved to be a scheme of market manipulation. In his new essay he argues that the difference between the manipulation of the gold price and the manipulation of the silver price is mainly that the gold price manipulation now has been mostly unwound. That would leave the bigger potential with Butler's favorite metal, silver -- to which many gold bugs are partial as well, if sometimes secretly so.

      Butler's new commentary is headlined "A Clear Parallel" and you can find it at GoldSeek's companion site, SilverSeek, here:
      If you BUY the DELUSION that DOLLARS or any FIAT currency "IS" real MONEY then you must also believe (FOOLISLY) that Governments tell the TRUTH and BANKERS are FRIENDS, who just LIKE to hand out MONEY because it makes them feel WARM and FUZZY inside! (Like the CAT that ATE the CANAREY!)

      the DUCK

    • I am not confused at all; I just easily see the contradiction in your statements. A and B are mutually exclusive. You say A. Then you say B. That is a contradiction no matter how you try to deny it.

    • Well, I came into this world with nothing and I will leave with nothing. I'm not overly concerned about money and pocessions. It's not these things that make me happy and nobody dies from not having enough to eat. Have you ever read an obituary that said "..who died of hunger"?

    • the boat is a 1961 Glasspar's a little ski boat..i had one as a kid of maybe age 22....i bot this one off ebay about 4 yrs ago....paid more to ship it back here from Calif than i paid for the boat............i have been re gel coating it...but at my age i am working on it VERY or 2 a day.....--prior to the re gel coating it ..i put a new transom & floor in it...(also...being here on the east coast...we have the ocean on the east & intercoastal waterway on the west...were i will use the boat)(ain't an ocean going vessel!! (duckie thot it was a sail boat :-)

      >> did you ever see pics of my elcomino posted here many months ago? If you want to?

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