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  • bush_is_a_sharon_puppet bush_is_a_sharon_puppet May 14, 2007 3:18 PM Flag

    John Snow Buys Chrysler

    Former U.S. treasury secretary John Snow says the private company plans to keep Chrysler's management and work with its unions.

    John Snow became chairman of privately held Cerberus Capital Management after he resigned from his top position in the Bush administration late last year.

    John Snow became Secretary on February 3, 2003, just before the launch of the Iraq war, and held the position for more than 3 years.

    Iraq loot put to work? I told you folks, Bush administration officials and their friends are benefiting to the tune of billions and billions from this war and this money is starting to be put to use.

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    • Oh please, Iran as a net importer of food and fuel can only wish that a war DOESN't occur.

    • "Bottom tethered mines are as old as they come."

      So are roadside bombs. Did you think Iran was going to compete based on superior technology!

    • Bottom tethered mines are as old as they come. Go watch some WWII movies.

    • ..include the use of bottom-tethered mines potentially capable of destroying U.S. aircraft carriers, were designed to counter a U.S. land invasion and to close the Strait of Hormuz."

      "Mines, however, are one area in which Iran has made advances. It can produce non-magnetic, free-floating, and remote-controlled mines. It may have taken delivery of pressure, acoustic, and magnetic mines from Russia. Also, Iran is negotiating with China for rocket-propelled rising mines."

      "The EM52 is a submarine-laid fast-rising rocket-propelled bottom mine. It is laid in the sea bottom and will rise to surface with its rocket propulsion. The mine is unguided.

      Weight: 950~970kg
      Warhead: 300~320kg
      Mine depth: 5~200m
      Single-hit probability: 80%"

    • I think it was "your thing", not "this thing". Domestic politics is nasty business, and you wield the big d*ck in transposing the military into a political p*ssy. That's sad and a bad omen for the future of America.

    • Totally foolish argument. 40% of Iran's gasoline need is imported. Food too. This "Straits of Hormuz" oil weapon argument is nonsense. Iran falls in 3 months with a blockade. But it does sell newspapers.

    • Yep, those mountains of Afghanistan were supposed to support the Taliban. I guess it helped for a couple of weeks. And those pirates of Tripoli, the ones in the Marine hymn centuries ago (nope, this Tripoli is not Lebanon).... how was that tortured shoreline supposed to hide 'em?

      Speaking of the Barbary War, seems to me that they were the first al Qaeda style war a young America had to fight!

      biasp, you're so foolish. The Iranian population would never support a Gov't that exposed them to war for such foolish, religious ego driven goals. You fight well with your finger on a keyboard. How do you fight eating dirt in the mountains?

    • Not sure who "they" are. But remember that History is written by the Victorious. Or so "they" say.


    • remeber..."they" were against Lincoln too.........lets see what history has to say.....records 30 yrs from now..(or 100)

    • So what do you think, Arafart. Should the US foster this foolishness and set off a civil war between the Islamist extremist and the growing pro-western pro-education modernists in Iran and likely neutralize and perhaps end this Islamofascist ruled Republic.


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