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  • splitrader splitrader Aug 1, 2007 7:49 PM Flag

    gold 770

    some one today mentioned gold goes to 770.....

    i think i would owe a cheesecake.........

    >>good luck duckie..keep buyin on the dips...

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    • QWAK,canucanoe,Stop being OBTUSE,I deal with the world as I find it.

      Progress has come to be defined as any thing that adds to personal welth and power in some form or other.

      It is NOT the TOOL but how the tool is used that makes things bad.

      Superficial people lacking insight and understanding should not be allowed to achieve welth and power BUT unfortunately more often than NOT that is exactly what happens with what YOU call PROGRESS.

      Humanity is soon to pay the coast of your so called PROGRESS and it is going to be GOD AWFULL!

      What is interisting is that every time when confronted with unsolvable problems usualy caused by PROGRESS man always returns to HISTORY and NATURE for the SOLUTIONS! :)

      the DUCK

    • Duck, you had private insurance? I seem to remember that you had a check coming from the Gov't. If so, please don't use the word insurance. It is a Gov't contribution to your lifestyle that you qualify for. It is paid from taxes, and as with most all Gov't programs, it is probably actuarily unsound. In other words, it is a debt passed on to future generations.

    • I seem to remember you telling us about your pickup truck. Yep, that improves upon man's initial style of getting around - crawling. As I said, Duck, you are against progress. In fact, you exhibit much of the lifestyle and critical eye of Midas. In your world, there's basically a hoard of metal and a need to tell others how to live without their comforts and desires.

    • QWAK,Back under your ROCK, WORM!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,IT aint a GIFT ASS HOLE! It is somthing I payed in to since my FIRST pay check job at 16 and is INSURANCE!

      IF you payed car or fire insurance all your life then had a fire or a car crash would YOU call it a GIFT? Shut the F**K up if you are going to be using one eye as your point of reference!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Just because you can be an IDIOT does not mean you MUST constently TRY so hard to PROVE IT!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucanoe,Virtuly ALL your so called PROGRESS is actualy just trying to IMPROVE on what already has always existed in nature!

      Check out Monsanto and patenting SEEDS especialy ROUND UP ready varieties. What they will eventualy do or have is virtualy ALL the many natural varieties GONE and like the DOE DOE BIRD for ever! With monoculture we are set up for FAMIN when some new strain of blite or fungus their plants can not resist shows up!

      IF you step back and realy look, when PROFIT is the GOAL or even a part of the equasion WE all ultimitly LOSE but it is SPUN so it sounds GOOD!

      You are just too SUPERFICIAL to look passed what YOU want to see and believe!

      the DUCK

    • 16) killing and eating rattlesnakes
      17) liquor runs to town in the new truck
      18) hummingbird surveilance
      19) shotgun tree trimming
      20) lining hot tub with silver coins
      21) building trippy, groovy 'volcano' with 'lava'
      22) hauling rock for greenhouse floor

    • "You don�t get a positive reputation by tearing other people down, or by making unsubstantiated claims, or by stealing someone else�s thoughts. You earn it by introducing and explaining ideas that help people."

      If you can guess who said that, you could be the winner of the coveted attaboy.

    • I don't think we ever discussed proper taxation ettiquette, have we Duck? Yet, you posted this, so let's. I don't get a gift from the Gov't like you do. Maybe you will tell us how we should pay for your gift?

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