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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Aug 4, 2007 9:14 PM Flag

    QWAK,why our monitary system wil soon collapse

    QWAK,In the first 350 years 1 TRILLION dollars was created but NOW we create that much in a year or so and it is happening faster and faster as it expands expotentialy. There are limits for every thing and we have reached or are very near the ultimit limits.

    Most people just can not get there head around expotential growth so they assume it must keep growing AS USUAL infinately but THAT is just NOT POSABLE!

    There is a reason trees can not grow to the sky and it is THAT same reason!

    the DUCK

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    • ...because everyone, EVERYONE, ANYONE, accepts USD.

    • i will make an assumption...that they are still finding/mining gold in the USA,,,someone owns it??

    • Duck, I only asked what "soon" is in time. Not why you think the world is coming to an end. As for you looking to the sky and seeing storms, that's not true. What you continually tell us is the sky is falling. Don't confuse a falling sky with storms, please.

    • maybe....or did you?

    • QWAK,canucanoe,IF you don't ask STUPID questions that CAN NOT be answered spicificly then you would likely get better answers to your questions. Trying to TRAP a DUCK is STUPID you shoul have figured THAT out LONG AGO! Sprinkel SALT on some other birds TAIL! LOL

      I can look at the sky and see a STORM is likely SOON perhaps an hour or less but the FINANCIAL storm that is building up has way too many factors to give an exact or even aproximit date. In Oct a trillion $ in ARMs will start RESETING and truth be told China and others are backing away from buying MORE US DEBT,pluse an asortment of other realy big problems so the stage is SET and every thing PRIMED, "SOON" could be today if a TRIGER EVENT happened but most likely in 08 seems to fit as I see it at this moment.

      I expected what we are seeing NOW back in the early 80s even earlier realy and I began looking for rural property. I bought my cabin and land in 81 when intrist rates were about 16% and it was realy UGLY out there! They pulled a rabbit out of the hat with DIRIVITIVES to stop the total melt down but it did NOT solve the problem it just bought some TIME and allowed the ECONOMIC MONSTER to continue growing EXPOTENTIALY. The KING CONG ecomomic monster is SOooooooooo big now that containing it is almost imposable as it could BREAK OUT at any time and could not be stoped.

      When I bought in 81 it was under CONTRACT at 10% and it seemed RELITIVELY cheep but it WAS a scarey move because under contract is NOT like a mortgage. IF you miss just ONE payment they can SNATCH it all back and you lose it ALL!

      There are so many people out there today who are many months behind and they can't count them all and the numbers are growing incredably FAST!

      BTW: Localy because of the housing problem and lose of construction jobs in the Fayetteville and sorounding aeria there are lots of Mexicans moving out or on so fast that some tract home aerias are now like GHOST TOWNS!

      the DUCK

    • Under a separate posting, we discussed how utterly ridiculous it is to correlate growth of money by projecting back 350 years (when the USD didn't exist) and not considering the economic, population and monetary needs growth and changes. But let's also review another of Duck's assertions - gold is better.

      An article on MiningWeb presents:


      ...The average holding across the members of the European system of Central Banks (not just the ECB itself) amounts currently to approximately 14%, although within that system some of these figures are markedly higher, with Germany at 63% and France at 57%. Spain is currently at 38%. In the United States, of course, (which is not a signatory to the CBGA although along with Japan, it has agreed to abide by the spirit of the Agreement), gold comprises a much higher degree of foreign exchange, at 76%.

      At the other end of the scale are the Asian nations, among whom are the world's largest holders of foreign exchange reserves. China's holdings, at a reported 600 tonnes, still amount to just less than one per cent of China's total foreign exchange, while India has 4% and Japan, 2%. It has been regularly suggested that these countries should diversify away from dollars and it is clear that this is underway in a variety of ways (including, for example, China's proposal to set up a separate fund for part of its future foreign exchange accrual, to be invested in alternative assets away from currencies and government instruments). ...<<<

      But they are all holding USD. And USD are more closely linked to gold. but the Duck likes Euros?!!! Why - they hold so much less gold as a % of assets!? Why does the Duck not hunt out facts?

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      • "In the United States, of course, .. gold comprises a much higher degree of foreign exchange, at 76%.

        Is that the gold at Fort Knox?

        The real kicker takes place if/when they discover that there is no gold backing the USD. Have they allowed an audit of Fort Knox yet? Where did the IMF gold come from?

        These questions are important, and they could one day result in the duck's most outlandish fantasies become realities overnight.

      • QWAK,canucanoe,The ONLY thing I ever HUNTED was PEOPLE and it was TOO easy and spoiled HUNTING for ME! :(

        The information YOU presented is USLESS DRIBBLE and just FILLER, but then you NEVER could see the BIG PICTURE so aparently you think it is SIGNIFIGENT but I don't see WHY you would.

        You obviously like to ARGUE and latch on to STRAWS but today I'm hot and tired and got to get back to rebuilding a roof so I got better/harder things to do than play games with YOU. Believe as you like.

        the DUCK

    • Duck, you suffer the same disease as Clinton and Gates. You sound like a fool. When someone asks you what "soon" means to you in timing, be kind enought to answer. Don't waste words, obscure intentions, etc., just define what you said. You sound childish now.

    • QWAK,canucanoe,It is realy quite SIMPLE,when the people/public FORGETS or UNLEARNS the BASICS then they are FORCED to RELEARN them AGEN the HARD WAY. When this occures the lesson plan is SIMILAR but HARDER than the previous time.

      We and the world too is/are going to REEXPERIENCE the DEPRESSION of the 1930s only updated with more modern equipment.

      You can call it what ever you like or blow it off and ignore what I say, but "IT" is coming "SOON" and you are not going to like IT!

      the DUCK

    • Duck, I'm not sure of what your presentation is. Looks like something fashionable was written, you liked it, and now abscond with it in the face of all logic. Re:

      >>>QWAK,In the first 350 years 1 TRILLION dollars was created...<<<

      First, the USD did not exist 350 years ago.

      Second, when it was first introduced, there were what? maybe a couple of hundred thousand American people?

      Today, the Chinese, 1+ Billion people use the American dollar. All of Europe use the American dollar as the primary reserve to their currency (just like the Chinese). All of South America. India. Africa. Japan, Korea, etc. etc.

      Seems to me that commerce has increased since the primary method of transportation was by sail or 4 legged animal.

      You statement confuses, once again, human processes and progress with something that does not exist in today's world. Your oracle source is your equivalent of Islam's fatwa wielding prunes masquerading as learned men. Both developing relationships that don't make sense to keep the people down and under their spell.

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      • QWAK,canucanoe,You are being delibritly OBTUSE and like I said "Most people just can not get there head around expotential growth so they assume it must keep growing AS USUAL infinately but THAT is just NOT POSABLE!" and YOU are part of the "MOST PEOPLE"!

        Don't worry about it thow YOU got lots of company who also --- JUST DON'T get IT but WILL het HIT with "IT" because they and YOU just don't WANT to see "IT"!

        Perhaps it's better that way --- just like the COW on the KILLING floor -- waiting for WHAT COMES NEXT and expecting it will all work out OK. WHOPPER!!! LOL

        the DUCK

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