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  • canucanoe1 canucanoe1 Sep 7, 2007 7:53 AM Flag

    When manias spawn policy

    When the mob inmates rule, public policy can destroy nations. Alpha has continually told all of us that the Gov't needs to spend and steer the capital market. Incessantly we hear about new initiatives to distort markets and 'force' new innovation. Let's look at one of his pet projects.

    Energy. Namely, that derived from agriculture.

    Well, today the UN has issued a report detailing the disaster we are heading for. While Alpha wants to put food into his gas tank, people in Mexico are going hungry and protesting. Egypt is buying wheat (shortages due to corn being planted) in a panic with subsequent cost impacts to send its poor reeling. Third world food supply is in danger, but Alpha thinks putting food into his gas tank is good public policy. But it gets worse...

    The mob wants Gov't subsidies to do this!

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    • At least your showing the good sense to withdraw Canoodle.. Exposed for the lier and missinformant that you are.


    • lol! Alpha, we are going to have a discussion of "What is corn?". lol!
      You learned your Clinton lessons well. I won't participate.

    • I think I had it on my 88 lawn mower.


    • RE: incentivising alt fuel research and production.

      >>not necessary...the 100 mpg carburater was invented yrs ago...don't believe me..i bet ya duckie knows all about it..

      >>what happenned to it..where'd it disappear to...

    • Nonsense..You say nonsense. What a bust yoiu are. Thats why I asked you to post proof of your faux claim. And just as I had stated you missinformed.

      The post plainly referred to converting sawgrass and corn stalks into fuel. Instead of acknowledging your lie, you now allege that corn is cornstalk. Tell us how you and your family feast on cornstalks. That would be more believable than your faux claims.

      And with your support of likely the most wasteful and certainly costly of human life, military adventurism, you are no position to criticize anyone.

      Go ahead and support paying OPEC nations their manipulated price for oil. But don't deny that is the practical result of your oppossition to incentivising alt fuel research and production.


    • QWAK,mikie,All I know is that IT was not ME! ;)

      How ever I believe that the CIA was AWAIR the event may occure and very posably WAS involved in the background. I am inclinde to believe there IS a SHADOW government that pulls strings and makes things happen with the ultimit goal of a NWO ,a WORLD GOVERNMENT by the BANKERS!

      the DUCK

    • Nonsense, Alpha, it encourages corn to be grown and thrown in your tank. And this post of yours is but one of a numerous ones over the past year asking for energy handouts without considering the bad policy it spawns.

      I've never endorsed sending money to petro nations. And I, like you, endorsed an Iraqi invasion.

      Let's get real here. I find your lack of responsibility grating. You read headlines and give us your knee jerk reactions. You have embraced sprawl, pools in the desert, and guzzling cars. And you want me to pay for it all. You even made the exclaimation that everyone has air conditioning, yet the Duck and myself laughed at your inaccurate statement, a most foolish one that describes your need to dip into my pocket to fund uneconomical businesses and policies. You even wanted war in Iraq only to then run accepting the chaos that would occur if America did as you. Get some responsibility. Start by not asking for Gov't handouts and a bit of energy conservation.

    • See Missrepresenting Canoodle.. My post was PR release regarding a grant to ADM for turning switch grass and corn stalks into fuel. In other words turning waste into energy.

      Now you may prefer sending hundreds of millions of dollars to petro nations and funding Military Adventures to protect these potentates. I dont and dont think the vast majority of Americans do either.

      NOw if you would discontinue your false representations of my positions and supply citations so others will quixly see how readily and easily you elect to lie.


    • Here we go again!

      Alpha, you have continually on this board wanted Gov't handouts for all kinds of policy. And yes, sticking food into your gas tank was one of them. Here's just one link:

      And yes, I laughed then and now, at how foolish it is to put food into a gas tank.
      I clearly stated each time you spewed your foolishness that the 3rd world was going to suffer as well as America from rising food prices. And yet you persisted not just in advocating such a policy, but beggaring the Gov't to subsidize it.

      I laugh at your childish antics of ignoring your past positions.

      As for saying you voted for Bush, I never did so. I very clearly stated you wanted a war with Iraq and that means you wanted Bush leading the charge. One doesn't advocate war without assessing one's leadership before doing it. You wanted war, you endorsed Bush. Q.E.D.

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