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  • dointhedog2 dointhedog2 Oct 14, 2007 10:10 PM Flag

    Armenian Genocide

    In such a complicated world with US mired in Iraq, is this the best Dems can do? No intelligible resolution of the Iraq situation, and now the inflammation of a critical Muslim and NATO ally-and for what? Did it happen-the massacre-YES! Was it a proveable genocide-I don't know. Why must we waste time on this? Survivors, go to court if you must!

    Rick Sanchez may be part of the problem but He at least knows enough to assert that the problem is in Washington as a whole, and the nation, not just in the Bush administration. The federal government is in failure mode and the country is in serious distress and too much of the populis listens to right and left-wing ideologues for solutions.

    God help us!

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    • No. We were talking about candidates for the next election.

    • Canoodle.. Of course we are talking about W. He is the president and poster boy for incompetence. Of course he is the person you voted for twice for President, not having hte foresight or good sense to understand what a true loser he had already established himself to be. And you compounded your ignorance by defending W's Iraq Missadventure while criticizing or is it rock throwing at Clinton's brilliant Bosnia Victory.


    • Alpha, I don't think we were talking about W. You seem to be suffering from the same broken record disease as the Duck. If you would get a new LP, at least you would drag your tired partisan nonsense to the current topic of interest.

    • just like bill don't see bush sticking his finger up to see what everyone wants to hear....HE DOES have a mind of his own...right or wrong!!!!

    • history will take a few yrs to come to a conclusion....and it may well say bush was a waste...(like they did carter....and turned on johnson)

      >>that (majority) would currently be...NYT...wash post....CNN...NBC.........God alph....quit reading were born with a brain...maybe use it??

      >>hillary will say whatever...depending on how the wind blows...

    • There are lots of things W may well be. But if anyone includes a great leader they neither understand what a leader is or what great means.

      The Iraq Missadventure has established W as one of the worst Presidents in History. Bear may want to wait 10 years for the history to be written, but the majority of the world can see it plainly today.


    • 1eye, you got it in a nutshell:

      >>>Great leaders make decisions which are not always approved of by their rivals due to political concerns and therefore are suspect imo. I hope that 'if' Hillary is indeed elected President she will make decisions based upon what she believes is the right course of action and not a compromise of her beliefs based upon what her political rivals demand of her. <<<

      History isn't supportive of your hope. History tells us that Hillary is a voracious user of polls and selects her beliefs based on them. For now, I'll avoid her sad waffling history vis a vis Iraq. Let's just focus on her early '90s embrace of Palestinians over Isreal and subsequent flip flop.

    • lol! A cap on troop levels. And she opposes permanent bases but just backpedaled on leaving. Give me a break. Alpha, you going to tell us what she has accomplished or just tell us what the empty suit opposes? After all, we all saw Kerry, a terribly 20+ year example of an empty suit (not one sponsored bill in all that time), 'oppose'. People don't vote for 'oppose', they vote for leadership and accomplishment. Alpha, tell us what Hillary has done on either topic. As we reviewed the past couple of weeks, her leadership on healthcare reform in the '90s was astonishingly regressive.

    • Mr. Clarke told both Presidencies. He was on top of the issue. Clinton was on top of Monica. And Bush was too busy giving tax relief to the rich.

    • Regards: I think the evidence has become increasingly clear that he(Bush) relied on a large majority of yes men supervised by Rummy and Cheney.

      Response: So will Hillary rely upon a minority or majority of "NO" men or women if elected President?

      Regards: Al Qaeda as well as the Taliban have made a dangerous recovery in Afghanistan.

      Response: Would Hillary STOP Al Qaeda & the Taliban from making inroads in Afghanistan? If so, how?

      imo Hillary is making 'predictions' as to what she 'might' do if she becomes President. Methinks logic dictates that events unbeknownest to anyone presently may occur which can change the "best laid planes of mice and men" or women.

      Bush made mistakes in his incursion of Iraq. I hope that whomever replaces him can rectify them.

      One Eye . > |

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