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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Nov 26, 2007 2:19 PM Flag

    QWAK,It won't be ENOUGH

    QWAK,80 Billion will not be any ware near enough --- it aint 1/2 or even a 1/4 ENOUGH to stop the melt down!

    It may buy some time but to DO WHAT is the big question?

    the DUCK

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    • Thanks for proving my point. Just to remind you, said you werent complaining about your appreication. But of course you cont to complain and whine. You wouldnt be the CAnoodle if you didnt.


    • Here we go again. The same nonsense from alpha, now he wants to short term (2 weeks) game the price of gold. As for my "appreciation", according to Alpha, I see again his use of an unknown other to bolster what should be his claim. He knows not my investment positions outside of a sizeable precious metals based position. Yes, that pm position has outperformed, significantly, stocks. So, why would he write that last sentence?

    • Mikie..........

      >>MT top property probably still least in the Carolina's...maybe nashville too)

      >>check it out if you want.

      >>i suppose i should have added oceanfront/island as well...further's not the house it's the LAND...they ain't makin anymore!!!

      >> you are correct ofcourse..the $$'s are worth less....nonetheless...a dollar is worth what it is worth.

    • REGARDING: my 250,000 house is now down from 800..but still UP at 600..650??

      RESPONSE: Bear, have you been paying attention all these years? Just because you have more paper dollars don't mean squat. An increase in paper DOES NOT equal an increase in value. All it does is cause complacency and contribute to the dumbing down of the public. People see their houses triple in a decade and think everyhting is brady fuckin bunch but its NOT. As the Duck would say, there comes a time to PAY the PIPER.......If anything real estate DEPRECIATES in value as it must be maintained, taxes, etc. Your real estate price is driven by pure supply and demand, and the currency its denominated in is being sucked dry. Bear I am disappointed that you have not extrapolated your time here into a greater awareness of your environment as has become so evident with other long timers here lately, namely One Eye, J4, Duck and I could only hope to include myself in that company also......Use the force, Bear.


    • my 250,000 house is now down from 800..but still UP at 600..650?? .....(guessing here.........but glad i don't live in vegas!!)

      >>MT top property probably still least in the Carolina's...maybe nashville too)

    • duckie...........i know bill bonner (D/R) very well...he has been a bear on america...(much like you) for many years

      RE: What it is adding up to we don�t exactly know

      >>as above..exactly..he don't know!!!!!!! lets sell some


      >> i give you much credit (or was it nick)...euro...80 to 140!!!!!..Damn he was on the obviously bot the story....i didn't...(totally missed that trade)..YOU won!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dwark One.. Even dwarker than usual. Where is gold compared to its peak this year. Last time I looked stocks were up about 33% in the past 3 years and homes nearly 50% in the same period. Given the 'economic crisis' cant think of too many people that would complain of such a 3 yr appreciation. Even the whiner Canoodle aint complaining about his appreciation.


    • QWAK,Bear,This is from todays "Daily Reckoning".

      "So far, U.S. stocks are down about 10% from their peaks. That�s about $1.5 trillion in losses. Then, there�s the housing market � where prices are off 5%-10%, another big loss of implied wealth, equal to as much as $2 trillion. It�s adding up....

      What it is adding up to we don�t exactly know. But the immoveable object of deflation � lost cash and liquidity � looks ever more immoveable, day by day.

      Yesterday�s headline in the Financial Times told us that the �Fed move fails to avert rout in markets.� Credit fears are growing, even �in spite of aggressive efforts by the Federal Reserve to head off an end-of-the-year squeeze.�

      It appears that we are reaching a �pushing on a string� problem. The expression is famous in economics. It describes what happens when a deflationary spiral gets out of control. The financial authorities can offer more money on better terms � but the banks and the borrowers turn up their noses. They�re already having trouble paying off the debt they�ve got; they don�t want any more. Besides, they�re not too sure that others will be able to pay their debts either, which makes them suspicious of both sides of the credit/debt equation. On the one side, the debtors may not be able to pay. On the other side, the creditors may not be able to collect. Whichever side you�re on, you�re looking for shelter.

      When this happens, the financial authorities want to put cash and credit in the system. But they are pushing on a string; the system won�t take it."

      I will get MUCH WORSE before it gets even a little better, 08 is gona be a REALY HARD, BAD YEAR!

      We MAY see the bottom in 2010 but by THEN the POND will be drained and it will mostly be just a MUDDIE MESS! :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,Bear,You may be good at your DAY TRAIDING geting IN and OUT fast and watching like a HAWK but generly the stock market has not been doing very well going back to 2000.

      IF you include all your costs and taxes AND add in the TRUE inflation NOT the BS CPI I dbout you have done as well as you think you have. ;) It is all part of the HOAX/SCAM of the great casino!

      the DUCK

    • RE: lots MORE, the increase in price of stocks generly has NOT been keeping up with TRUE inflation

      >>'re in the wrong stocks/investments...apparantly.

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