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  • splitrader splitrader Jan 11, 2008 5:46 PM Flag topic

    hey.....don't know exactly what your career in vegas was.....(besides MC :,,) ).....but assuming you have some insight into this........what might a newly hired card dealer get paid these days???

    >> years 75...and old hi school buddy had been out there and claimed to have made $1000 a week..........

    >>make any sense to you........??? what you think the going rate might be today...

    >> a friend thinking of moving out there

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    • QWAK,First step to a CASHLESS world.

      FIAT aint MONEY only GOLD is REAL MONEY --- always has been -- always will be! With out a limiting factor NO CURRENCY can survive s the the BANKERS always CHEET so we WILL see a global GOLD BACKED currency after the IMPLOSION!

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,canucane,Perhaps you and alpha can help each other find the bath room as obviously you too are extreamly near seighted or legaly BLIND in the MIND!

      The GLOBAL FIAT problem is about to IMPLODE and China,Japan and Asia in general are the most likely to be taking over as the USA loses its position much like England did in the passed.

      Our DEBT is or has become virtualy imposable to service so a global reorganisation is EMINENT in the near future. I know that sucks but it is the TRUTH!

      the DUCK

    • Yo spliter... I started out as a crap dealer and worked my up to shift manager and finally executive casino host. Nice living and met lots of people. In all my years, I've never heard of any dealer(s) making $1k per week, on average, if that's what you were told. However, it used to be common for a crew of 4 crap dealers to be get large tips in the thousands of dallars. There are still players who have left large amounts as large as $100, but the rules changed when the IRS stepped in back in 1989 and raided the dealers toke boxes. Since then tips are shared with all the dealers in each individual casino where they are employed. The better dealers who make the most money make the same amount as the one's that can't deal well and are not as friendly. Socialism at work and in control. That's like the top salesman in any business sharing his commissions with all the people that sell nothing. Dealers get minimum wage plus shared tips. The better strip casino dealers earn near $100k per year. The breakin joints downtown and in the boondocks make anywere from $25k to $40k per yr. If you deal poker, you work for yourself in most places and keep whatever you make. Good poker dealers do very well, the rest do okay. Same as above situations. I'll get back to your other posts later with my comments. Right now I'm watching the Seahawks and Packers. I like Seattle +8 today parlayed with Dallas minus -7 tomorrow. Pat's on the moneyline with Indy tomorrow. Short money on those ML bets.

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