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  • gold1200in2009 gold1200in2009 Jan 25, 2008 1:31 PM Flag

    Microsoft went RED ! Seconds ago BEAR MARKET CONFIRMED >>>


    RUSSELL BEAR MARKET IS **CONFIRMED** YOU ARE NOW SWIMMING AGAINST THE TIDE ! And until stocks become good values you will lose $$ and with these crooked shenangians and hedge funds going under what is a good value for PG certainly not pe 20 I warned you at 72 remember and you laughed ?
    lower highs lower lows is the modus operandi to separate you from all of your gains - slowly so as to avoid panic !
    will you be snookered out of all of your gains by wall st pumpers and pros ?
    don't say you were not warned !
    Your 401K is not still in this marklet is it ?
    Sears / Willliams sonoma warned huge !
    harley tanking 39 !
    hibbet sports tanking on warning !
    marien max warn ed huge this am !
    Target kohls warned huge !
    home depot lowes warned huge !
    Best buy comps dec negative !
    circuit city loss!
    YIKES !!!

    "Question -- Russell, I'm assuming that you are correct, that we're in a primary bear market. At what point or when do we start accumulating stocks for the next bull market?

    Answer -- You're really asking, "When is the bear market going to be over?" Of course, for all of us, this is the KEY question. For me, it's not a matter of prediction, it's a matter of identification. What are we looking for that will help us identify the area of the bear market lows?

    Here are some of the signs of a bear market bottom.

    Good values. Stocks sell at low price/earning ratios along with attractive dividends.

    Investor sentiment turns black-gloomy. The public has "had it" with the market.

    The press talks about the "end of Wall Street as we know it." A parade of late bears appear on CNBC. The newspapers are bulging with bad news. An atmosphere of "hopelessness" envelopes the land. "There's no way out. This is the end of capitalism."

    One or both D-J Averages (Industrials or Transports) refuses to confirm on the downside.

    Margins (borrowing) on the NYSE and the NASDAQ drop to maybe 10% of that which existed at the top.

    Volume shrinks as the market sinks lower -- this is sometimes, but not always, the case.

    The stock market shows signs of "exhaustion" on the downside.

    As I see it, the stock market has weighed the evidence and a bear market is its verdict. But the bear has been holding back, his claws have not really sunk into the economy yet. His grip has not yet tightened, except, that is, in banking and in housing. The losses, so far, have been selective. The stock market and the economy are not unraveling in typical, scary bear market fashion -- yet.

    Very near-term -- Last Friday we experienced another 90% down-day. Normally after a 90 % down-day, there is a rebound of two to four or five days. But yesterday's rebound was weak, breadth was about even, new lows far outnumbered new highs, gains were unimpressive and selective.

    Today, it was like the market couldn't wait to go down. We saw new lows on both the Industrials and the Transports. The stock market's message -- hard times ahead, make no mistake about it.

    My conscience is clear. I think I've done my part. I've warned on daily site after daily site that a primary bear market had been signaled under Dow Theory on November 21

    And yes, the market was slow about declining. In fact, it had me wondering whether I had made a wrong call. I referred day after day to the November lows of 4366.78 for the Transports and 12743.44 for the Industrials. "If those lows are jointly violated, the primary bear market will be reconfirmed."

    The Transports broke those lows in rapid order. Today the Industrials followed. As far as I'm concerned, the die is cast, the cast is closed. The great primary trend of the market has turned down.

    The best position -- cash, gold and gold shares.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Canoodle.. OH Kool.. Now oh Foolish One, do pray tell when, as you call it, the meathanded period ended and the kinder gentler war commenced. And do also tell us what constituted your 'kindler gentler' war. Will be interesting to see how you are now beginnig to spin teh Bush Folly.


    • Alpha, the meathanded handling of Iraq occured during the time you wanted war in Iraq. Ever since then, its been a kinder gentler war with sensitivities respected even when they hurt America's cause. Again, your partisan vision distorts facts.

    • QWAK,Bear,Even stupid people will eventuly CATCH ON but INSANE people never do,they are SHURE every one ELSE is CRAZY!

      Wait a secone that sound a little like ME ---- on second thought -- never mind! :) HE HE HE

      the DUCK


      >> duckie...i think that is a ref to 'stupidity'...not exactly the same thing!!!

      >>i see silver hit $17.00 might be picking up that that impala S/S very soon..

    •'re like a horse run with those blinders my a$$

    • QWAK,The time to learn to SWIM is befor the FLOOD COMES! ;) Better yet is knowing the flood is coming and buying a BOAT wile they are CHEEP, if you can't MOVE and get out of the way!:)

      Many chose to SAND BAG the HOUSE rather than realising that the coming FLOOD will be a NESSARY CLENSING and that RESISTING NATURE is seldom a good SURVIVAL plan.

      GOLD will FLOAT your BOAT and after the flood --- LAND will be CHEEP --- IF you got GOLD! (SILVER too for smaller purchases) ;)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,One could define INSANITY as "Doing the SAME thing agen and agen and EXPECTING a diferent OUT COME" --- most people will do almost any thing to avoid amiting to them selve and to others that they were WRONG,it is just childish thinking and trying to rationalise and justify their actions.

      Each must awaken and take RESPONCIBILITY for what they contributed to the problem.

      Aint no body totaly blamless, but EACH has the RIGHT,ABILITY and RESPONCIBILITY to CHANGE their MIND and then take ACTION even in small ways as it is COLECTIVE and just like drops of RAIN , can wash away the things men have created since time began. :)

      No ONE can change the WORLD but EACH can CHANGE them selves,just by changing their MIND!

      It is that SIMPLE or COMPLICATED --- depending on how ONE choses to see IT! ;)

      the DUCK

    • Canoodle.. What is it that causes you to describe unpleasant facts as partisan diatribe. What causes you to cont to spread NeoHead nonsense notwithstanding their factual failure. It is you that needs to give it a rest.

      You and your bellicose meat handed action in Iraq has been a costly failure. Face it and man up. REcognize that President Clinton understood Pakistan and Musharaff much better than you, Cheney and Rice. Understand that notwithstanding the moral high ground and amunition presented by 9/11, W has managed to mangle the advantage and for many in the world including the US, fall precipitously from the high ground. Stop with your myths and accept what is actually ocurring.


    • Not even certain they win Duck.

      We know what happens when one craps in ones own nest--unfortunately, it is our common nest

      So we just continue our work to toss out the crappers.


    • Give it a rest, Alpha. You watch way too much TV, and editorialize newspaper headlines, way too much. Here you go on a Pakistan screech, and you can't even recognize that 8 years ago they didn't even talk to us, ran around the globe selling nuclear weapons, with our Govt looking the other way for more than a decade. The world has changed, Pakistan has changed radically and better for us, why don't you stop your partisan bs?

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