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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Feb 21, 2008 1:57 PM Flag


    QWAK,KOSOVO got OIL guess who gets the OIL? HE HE HE

    3 guesses first two don't even count!;)

    the DUCK

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    • QWAK,Just as the FED is a privetly owned corperation which operates in its own self intrist, for PROFIT of its member/owners which is NOT the US GOVERNMENT or the PEOPLE of the USA so TOO does the AMA!

      BOTH have the power of GOVERNMENT inforcment of virtualy ANY thing they do or say and the PUBLIC is FORCED to OBEY or be PUNISHED!

      Try to change or QUESTION the established system and YOU got PROBLEMS PLENTY! :(

      The primary motivation of ANY BUROCRACY is to PROTECT and GROW the BUROCRACY -- reguardless of the publicly STATED PURPOSE!

      When you actualy STOP and THINK about it one generly comes to the conclusion that ALL burocracies realy become corrupted self serving entities that SUCK like a VAMPIRE from the HOST population!

      Power over other people is a corruptive force that is both ADDICTIVE and gradgualy builds up barriers betweem the GOVERNED and the ELEAT who GOVERN.

      Still PONDERING? HUMmmmmmm :)

      the DUCK

    • Re: "Have we lost our minds or is it the Liberal influence of INSANITY?"

      Yo eggs... Yes and Yes.

    • The oil in Albania is in the Sea, Kosovo is not in Albania, it is in Serbia, which is why they stormed our embassy in BELGRADE. We do have good diplomatic relations with Albania, but that is another matter. The U.S. has a BN (Battalion) plus of reservists at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, which is a pain because we could be using that BN in Iraq. They rotate a new one in every six months $$$$$$$$$. The U.S. needs to wash their hands of the Kosovo mess that Clinton-Albright created in 1999 so we can get out of there once and for all. It is costing us way too much money to be there. Like I said, I was there for 18 months, not jerking your chain Ducky. BTW, I thought ducks could spell better than that.


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      • QWAK,gmac66,The OIL and GAS is THERE just UNTAPED so far!

        As for having troops there LOL We are NOT doing it for BENOVELENT reasons we are doing it for GREED they just don't tell public about it because the WEALTH ends up in the pockets of of the ULTRA RICH,the BANKERS and such who actualy OWN the country and just let YOU and ME and others live in it, because it SUITS there purpose to do so. When it DON'T they will ELIMINATE the INFESTATION one way or another! COUNT on IT!

        AS for my spelling, I'm DYSLEXIC --- look it up! I also have a 147 IQ with out adjusting for my dyslexia! ;)

        Now go play with your MONKEY and be SHURE to wash your hands AFTER --- or your key board buttons will get all STICKEY --- AGEN! :)

        HE HE HE
        the DUCK

    • QWAK,eggs,It only looks and seems INSAINE from the OUT SIDE to NORMAL people with normal VALUES!:)

      I have pondered on the same question and believe that there is LIKELY an agreement at the highist levels even above the US GOV. that the OIL in the ground is already commited to backing DEBT!

      The GOV. has been taking lots of GOV. land and placing it OFF LIMITS to US citisens since the 60s and calling it WILD LIFE preservation and such so the public would accept the changes BUT the truth be told it is ALSO COLATTERAL for the GOV. DEBT! ;)

      In essence the land has been PONED and if you have ever poned somthing then you can see WHY the USA don't drill for more OIL there!

      As long as KOSOVO is willing to sell there OIL and GAS for worthless $$$$ WE agreed to accept THEM as an independent country! :)

      The pieces of the puzzel fit THAT WAY!

      the DUCK

    • "IRAN got lots of OIL too and WE want it, I sort of see a pattern --- don't YOU??"

      Here's what puzzles me Duck - We have so much oil in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska but yet you say we are after Irans?

      Are our leaders so out of touch or are they paid off by the oil companys not to drill in the U.S.?

      We spend billions on Ethanol which is a scam but no one is willing to stop subsidizing it.

      Our nation seems to want to self destruct as too many of its policys are pure suicidal.

      Have we lost our minds or is it the Liberal influence of INSANITY?


    • QWAK,eggs,I know ---- T-E-H-R-A-N ---- aint REAL friendly to the USA but you got to put the SHOE on the other foot and remember the SHAW and what all went on back then!

      It aint likely ANY of our MEDIA would dare present such information HERE!

      IRAN got lots of OIL too and WE want it, I sort of see a pattern --- don't YOU?? HUMmmmmmm

      As for my OOPS -- I just clicked on the wrong link and failed to notice till AFTER it was posted -- MY BAD!

      the DUCK

    • "This is the LINK to the previous post. Agen look wre it comes from!! ---- T-E-H-R-A-N -----"

      No offense Duck but Teharan is not our friend and I'd take what someone says coming from Teharn with a grain of salt.

      The article made some sense regarding the derivitive and subprime fiasco but there was no revelations about oil or Kosovo, which your subject line touted.

      Here's a hint Duck about attempting to post a link to another story and verifying it will appear properly. First hit preview message before you post the message. Then using your mouse left click on the link you posted. If it comes up properly you're ok. Click on the back button and then refresh and your back to your preview message. Hit post message and you're in like Flynn.


    • That only funny because I spent 18 months there, they don't have sh^t!! If that province can even function as a country, or Republic, I will be surprised.

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      • QWAK,,IF you say it's TRUE then IT MUST be TRUE! I can tell from your yahoo ID that YOU are a very TROUTHFULL PERSON!;)
        Yahoo! ID: gmac66 Real Name: Super B. Monkey Nickname: SuperBadMonkey Location: Middle Tennessee Age: 39 Marital Status: No Answer Sex: Male Occupation: Serial Masturbator

        More About Me
        Hobbies: Spanking my bad monkey, golf, beer, sex, pool, darts, sex, flying, beer, sex, stock market, drinking, beer, fucking with you for being stupid
        Latest News: My monkey has been bad again, what a truant.
        Favorite Quote: That sounded better in my head; Did I say that or think that?
        Perhaps your BAD MONKEY just gave YOU bad information? HUMmmmmmmm

        It is my understanding that KOSOVO does have OIL,I don't have qeological studies but I DO know our country ONLY acts in ITS OWN BEST INTRISTS and geting OIL for DOLLARS is the current PRIMARY intrist of this EMPIRE!;)

        PROVE ME wrong IF you can --- but STOP being a FOOL and jurking my chain.

        the DUCK

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