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  • eggsnham007 eggsnham007 Feb 28, 2008 6:51 PM Flag

    QWAK,Quotes worth PONDERING!

    "We are in the midst of a bloodbath in this country. People feel the pinch, but they don't understand who's pinching and why . ... As a country, we have become a bunch of idiot consumer zombies"

    Well said Mikie! Instead of living within our means there is a national mentality that somehow borrowing more money will take care of our financial hardship.

    As the "consumer zombies" are being begged by the credit card companies and banks to borrow more from them (thats how they keep the ponzi scheme going) something will shortly have to give.

    I guess we'll find out shortly if the "consumer zombies" are fully taped out or not. Maybe they can jump start our economy by increasing their debt obligations but I'm not so sure.

    Then again what if the "consumer zombies" figure out it's better to start saving rather than spending? Wouldn't that piss off the bankers and credit card companies?

    Actually, just by more purchasing of PM's (gold, silver, platinum) that's what consumers by defacto are really doing! And pissing off the bankers, Credit Card Companies.


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