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  • mrsippi05 mrsippi05 Jun 30, 2008 6:11 PM Flag

    Pakistan & Al Qaeda's Resurgence

    regards - alph..what's the purpose of posting that...?? you wanna lose.

    response - duhhhhh! of course he wants the u.s. to lose. isn't he also one of those people that if a robber broke into his home he'd welcome him with open arms and show him where his valuables are hidden.

    alpha only wants the criminal to be able to have a gun.

    lets not forget he also believes man is making the earth warmer while almost all of the data of the last few years shows the earth is cooling.

    he is like the little boy who stands on his head and complains that everyone is walking upside down.

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    • 'sippi.. Unlike you and the wing nuts, I prefer the facts whatever they might be. I like to make an 'informed' decision.

      And unlike you, Im concerned about the threat from radical Muslims, Islamofascism, not investing 100s of billions in Iraq, nation building while our biggest enemy, Al Qaeda, regenerates itself in Pakistan. If you had your eyes opened at all these past 3-4 years, you would have read my warnings to Canoodle that this Administration's support of Mushareff was likely a 'con' by Mushareff. Sorry about the 'inconvenience' of my warning being borne out.

      And learn something about 'global warming' will you. Dont assume the 'theory' does not allow for record cold temps. Surprise, it does.

      I, for one, dont know how this will 'play out,' but the mounting evidence of change should be of concern. We, the global us, are dumping hydrocarbons into the atomosphere at an unprecedented level. There is mounting evidence that this 'waste' is effecting the atmosphere. Look up the facts. If you think after reviewing the facts that this is nothing to be concerned with, your welcome to your opinion.

      But if I recall correctly, you think even in this day and age, it is kool to call a black man, a coon. I find it hard to believe that someone with that mindset or a mindset to call the distinguished Barack Obama, Hussein, has an open mind. Prove me wrong.


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      • RE: distinguished Barack Obama

        >>alph..have you totally lost all sense of comprehension..........."Distiguished"???

        >>there a a few things one could credit obama with...but..distinguished??? am really stupid...IN THAT...i don't get it!!!!!!!!!

        >>distinguished in ...and or what??????

      • All partisan nonsense. For the whole decade of the '90s, Alpha embraced Clinton's endorsement of 'let Pakistan be'. All during this period, maddrassas and Muslim radicalism thrived in Pakistan, not just unhindered, but promoted. It got to such a bubble stage that Pakistan sent out its radical emmissaries to sell nuclear technology - all at odds, and against, the Western World. But where was Alpha then? Oh... it was OK then because a Democratic President condoned this. Today, with America putting the screws to Pakistan, making life miserable for Muslim radicals, Alpha shows his partisan bearings by attacking our Govt because it is run by a Republican. Seems to me he should show respect for a sea change in policy with Pakistan while simultaneously showing disdain for the '90s leadership that enabled Pakistan to promote radical Islam, and nuclear terrorism, the world over. Get inoculated before Alpha infects you.

      • Your note might be compared to the Hunchback of Notre Dame referring to Lance Armstrong as deformed, wouldn't you say alf(?)

        Well, except for your forays into racism, in the guise of attributing that tendency to others, which adds another dimension to your opinions (or subtracts any legitimate dimension you might hope to nourish).

        Not pretty alf...

        not pretty at all.

        It isn't nice to gratuitously treat your fellows as inferiors alf. You might also consider few if any of us know the ethnicity of others here.

        We do know you are a foggy-thinking liberal, which is normally a full measure of indignity for anyone.

        Still trying to help (but losing hope),

    • i think you got it mrsippi........i think alph is a good guy at gotta take politics out of it to like him!!!

      >> i can't believe how BLIND those donkeys can be.............(perhaps it's intentional!!)

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      • Re: i can't believe how BLIND those donkeys can be.............(perhaps it's intentional!!)

        Yo mrsippi/spliter... Geeeeeeez... how could I have missed another post from "THE JACKASS"/!!!

        I guess I'll just have to do without those moving 'life experiences that some people just can't do without'!... But that's my cross to bear. I'll just stiffen up my lower lip and try to calm myself down. I wish I had the good sense and ability of you guys to understand the warped mind of creepy liberals like you. Why can't I get it? Me... I just return their moronic mental farts by acting like them. At least I don't have nightmares anymore! Thanks for keeping a watch on our common enemies of the state. They are dangerous as you might know by now... but I thought the pundits were doing so well, that I just let them do all the dirty work and throw out the garbage for me. I'm very grateful... especially on a busy day like this that I had dealing with one of my banks. They keep people stationed at the door checking on who's coming and going and WHY! Hmmm... I wonder if there's anything going on that I missed!

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