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  • general_analchord general_analchord Oct 11, 2008 8:23 AM Flag

    Something Wicked HAS ARRIVED !!!!

    For your eyes only - universal soldier lt. Duck

    flash alert! Flash alert! Flash alert!

    must regroup forces on lower 40 - guard perimieter with maximum fire power lt. Duck

    shipment of 90 claymore mines - 80 m16's - 15 m60's - 5 m20's - 8 105mm howitzer's en-route

    phantom f-4's performing needed surveillance of lower 40

    dopler radar unit monitoring perimiter

    may need to call up reserves to back up lt. Duck

    orders have been cut to pvt's alpha, cunu, splitrader, eggs, and dib to support lt. Duck

    objective - keep enemy forces from overwhelming lower 40

    may god be with you lt. Duck

    general analchord

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