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  • jackswanson000 jackswanson000 Nov 4, 2008 8:09 AM Flag

    We Need Palin! You Betcha!

    She would make a great vice-president! She would;

    1) Teach creationism in schools, God could help our children be smarter! Maybe with God's help they could find Iraq on a map!
    2) Outlaw abortion, take away a women's right to choose! Women are not smart enough to make their own decisions the Government should do it for them!
    3) Teach abstinence in the schools, it really works!
    4) Eliminate this crazy idea of healthcare for all. We are the only industrialized country without a national healthcare system and it should stay that way! We have one of the highest infant mortality rates also, great!
    5) Destroy the environment, who cares about clean air, clean water or polar bears I want cheap gas for my Hummer and my rather large boat! And for you liberals that say we should protect the environment for our children I say I want all the resources used up now and let them worry about themselves! "F" the next generation!
    6) Bring the death penalty back big time! Although the bible says thou shalt not kill, we should ignore that part, I'm sure God would want that!
    7) Remove the drilling ban in Anwar! Then we could end our dependance on foreign 1%... 15 years from now. Awesome!
    8) Ignore the constitution it's only a piece of paper.

    Drill baby, drill! Go Sarah!
    I also like the way she winks! ;) Love it!

    Oh, I almost forgot the world's most popular hockey mom is also under investigation. From Fox news:
    Sen. John McCain has hailed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as “someone who has fought against corruption.” But Palin is under two ethics investigations springing from accusations that she abused her office to pursue a personal grudge.

    Unethical? You Betcha ;)

    Come on conservatives let's get Palin elected!!

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    • Oh Fibs.. YOU know Dummy so little. He is the furthest thing from thoughtful or civil.

      I am however encouraged that you have begun to listen to more of Obama and acutally captured and regurgitated one of his core principles that those of us who supported him understood and admired form the get go.

      Had you read quality columnists like Friedman instead of the pretenders that told you the fibs you so want to beleive you would have understood earlier:

      Bush & Co. did not believe that government could be an instrument of the common good. They neutered their cabinet secretaries and appointed hacks to big jobs. For them, pursuit of the common good was all about pursuit of individual self-interest. Voters rebelled against that. But there was also a rebellion against a traditional Democratic version of the common good — that it is simply the sum of all interest groups clamoring for their share.

      "In today's society, the issue of 'racism' is a complex mix of various nuances. Many of us use the term 'racial difference' when in fact we mean cultural, socio-economical, or even ideological differences"

      “In this election, the American public rejected these narrow notions of the common good,” argued Sandel. “Most people now accept that unfettered markets don’t serve the public good. Markets generate abundance, but they can also breed excessive insecurity and risk. Even before the financial meltdown, we’ve seen a massive shift of risk from corporations to the individual. Obama will have to reinvent government as an instrument of the common good — to regulate markets, to protect citizens against the risks of unemployment and ill health, to invest in energy independence.”

      But a new politics of the common good can’t be only about government and markets. “It must also be about a new patriotism — about what it means to be a citizen,” said Sandel. “This is the deepest chord Obama’s campaign evoked. The biggest applause line in his stump speech was the one that said every American will have a chance to go to college provided he or she performs a period of national service — in the military, in the Peace Corps or in the community. Obama’s campaign tapped a dormant civic idealism, a hunger among Americans to serve a cause greater than themselves, a yearning to be citizens again.”


    • j-4, a friend said much the same to me after Sen Obama was elected; i.e., better to do things such as dropping long term care insurance and spending the retirement, because those who do not will just see their assets "spread" to those who are financially profligate.

      But that would surrender to the socialism that seems to have become a tidal wave, which most us must continue to swim against.

      So I would take the following from pres-elect Obama's acceptance speech, and hope they are not mere throwaway words:

      "So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of service and responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder."

      I can only hope he realizes incentives are important if we are to work harder, because I will be very disincentivized to "work harder" if I see the fruits of my labor "spread" to those who chose not to participate.

      As long as the U.S. Constitution is respected, this should work out. Issues such as casual or selective enforcement of immigration and other selected law, fraudalent voter registrations, and re-interpretation of law based on social needs threaten that. So we remain vigilant.

      Take care,

    • Re: Of course that is no problem if Barry is elected, he will take care of it for me.

      Yo dib... that's ok the way we feel about all the great promises from His Excellency, King Hussein Ooooobamamam. Knowing he's going to make sure none us poor folks get left out of our equal share with a few extra candy thrown in from the Joe the plumber's paycheck... we be doing just fine & takin' life easy!!! Hotdam!!!

    • Trader, maybe I should just buy your dry powder.

      If my ties to the U.S. were not so tight, and the obligation to help pay for the mass insanity would go away if I left, I would be looking for more details about the Bahamas.

      I received the annual update for my health insurance plan today showing, as usual, costs rising and benefits again declining (roughly a 20% worse deal). Of course that is no problem if Barry is elected, he will take care of it for me.

      A little sick humor there--


    • not to worry...dib...if obama wins i am seriously considering moving to the a step brother (if there is such a thing/1/2 brother....)whose been over there 20 yrs...and loves it!

    • How does a supposedly educated 'JACKASS' spell laugh? With 2 f's???!!! That appears to be an improvement!

      If Obama loses we can call 'Citizen McCain' to the rescue, before he is formally promoted to Commander-in-Chief! He could supply the troops with a little air cover over the city. :)

    • Great post, Palin sure looks silly when you actually look at her viewpoint. But you forgot to mention that her husband is a member of a group that wants Alaska to be independent of the US. And she believes in witches! Unfuckin believable!

      • 3 Replies to dazzy_b_illin
      • Re: her (Sarah Palin's) husband is a member of a group that wants Alaska to be independent of the US. And she believes in witches!

        Unfuckin believable!

        Yo dazeeee... I see you've been reading some of those extreme FAR OUT left whacko blogs foisted upon the ignoramous lefties by fascist Marxists in the name of Socialism who support the next LOOZER in today's selection. The person of choice as hand picked by the power brokers of from a carefully culled list of useless figureheads will assume their powerless position of deciding who attends several multi-million dollar stately affairs at the expense of their subjects. That's just part of their reward to continuing to march to the tune of their masters who hold their leashes. Instead of giving the usual and worn out and meaningless oath of office, they'll just have a coronation. So far as believability, it sure does look like you've described yourself! Try to have a niZe day instead of having a coronary over your unbridled hateful attitude. They say the national guard will be out in force in Chicago tonight. The government is certain people are working themselves up into a wild frenzy and are getting ready to riot when their idol loses. Chicago might be a great place to buy some distressed property "when there's blood in the streets"... as echoed by many famous and wise investors, like Warren B. himself. You might be wise to take a tranquilizer and try not to hurt yourself today. Either way, you'll end up with exactly what you put in. Try to contain your raving and ranting temper tantrums. :)

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