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  • epictetus411 epictetus411 Nov 7, 2008 12:07 AM Flag

    The number of Americans on unemployment hits a 25-year high

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The number of out-of-work Americans drawing unemployment benefits has surged to a 25-year high, while shoppers turned extra frugal, further proof of the damage from sinking economy, credit problems and financial stresses.

    Wow a 25-year high! Does anyone know what it was when Bush stole the office from Al Gore?


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    • Good to see your feeling and sounding like yourself, Canoodle. Whining and blathering w/o design or purpose. Spin your nonsense and practice your form of partisanship. I expect no more from you.

      AGain... any time you want to step up on the market, economy, investments or something enlightening in foreign policy, hell even a broken clock has the rigth time twice a day, go ahead. I doubt you are capable. But yiou could get a C- for effort.

      Now get some fresh Depends.


    • Alpha, Do you always assign stuff (in this case investments) to others with no knowledge? My mother taught me better than yours.

      As for KO, I've posted regularly. It's all on the record.

      As for politics, I've posted - mostly finding your nonsense to be virulently partisan and harmful to our country. That doesn't mean I hold the views of an opposing partisan, only that I find your reasoning process, and positions, sorely in need of knowledge and experience, with a dose of reality, open mindedness and compromise. In other words, you have no leadership capability.

    • While Im dubious, Canoodle that your mental condition allows you to know let alone speak for most people, I am delighted to see you less confused and out of it this a.m.

      As to Stein, he is like most bright and broadly educated occasionally wrong. Whether he was any less adept at seeing the extent of this recession and market tank, those that are familiar with him and other market pundits can decide for themselves. He is certainly better than ave and his info is usually quite solid.

      I do note with the demise of ADM stock price and return to mean of PMs, you have offered nada respecting this market. Yes you have cont bearish on KO, but KO has fared considerably better than the ave stock over that period.

      Most fortunately, the country got it right and rejected your foolishness. The country will now at least have bright leadership. Time will tell if regressive ole men like you can stop the progressive agenda.

      Hoping for your cont recovery, I remain,


    • Most people know that Stein wears too many hats (news pundit, comedy and investing) all with mediocrity, Alpha. Looks to me he should focus on his comedy career. There's little damage to society from that. For most, he's flunked investing for the last time. I sure hope you have learned from his latest mistakes, he won't until he loses those like you.

    • the forth coming Lincoln bedroom guest list "might" be interesting...

      Yo Yo... my brother split-ter. The'll be gettin'... down that is... and Martha's ghost will be splitin'... that is...from the Lincoln crib!!!

    • the forth coming Lincoln bedroom guest list "might" be interesting...

    • If however many prisoners are in GTMO... 100, 200, 300... I don't know... but if they're all going to be brought to America... maybe your neighborhood or mine... it's going to COST a HUGE SOME OF NEW TAX DOLLARS to pay for years and years of court trials with lots and lots of expensive lawyers. The ACLU will be right in there with their hands out for a peice of that action! We have one of their willing accomplices known to all of us as my favorite toilet dweller as "THE JACKASS". Instead of the ACLU draining more money than the Treasury has, why not ask for volunteers to donate their time? People migh ask where the money is coming from for such trials. I suppose they could use the money saved on closing that prison to help defray some of the costs. And then... there's always the money saved on closing the operations over in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the related expenses that go along with that. And the ACLU can strike a really big blow for al kaida and show the people of America how wrong they've been to allow a government to stick their nose into other people's business in those countries. Who says America should be trying to do anything about al kaida's cut throat murders? Their suicide murderers who bomb innocent people and especially for destroying the Twin Towers where nearly 3000 people were murdered, plus all the people who have died just from the poision air from that deliberate al kaida attack. Those killers are the same people who Osam... I can't seem to seperate the two of them... I mean Obama insists they need to be treated like American citizens and get a fair trial from our courts. They are the same people who were out killing the soldiers who've been fighting against al kaida and Obam... I mean Osama Bid Laden. They are the same soldiers who've already given their lives for that very cause. The parents and families of those young men will also be the same people who will be taxed heavily for thier trials as if they were American citizens. Thanks Osama... or is it Obama?

    • Dont worry Dummy. Anyone with a brain that reads your posts knows you dont know the difference between Osama and Obama adn worse yet that you dont care. Keep up the Dummy Diartribes. I know I cont to find them entertaining as well as such thoughtful additions to Fib's fibs. The Conscience of a Conservative cant hold a candle the two of you and your version of Dumb and Dumber.

    • Sorry Canoodle. You unfortunately are so mentally atrophied, it isnt worth the effort trying to steer you and your feeble mind. Just understand that while Stein makes errors, he learns from them. He remains bright. And while you dont understand the diff betw appreciating and therefore reading bright people and following them blindly, others who do read these posts do want to learn.

      So Canoodle.. Keep whining and throwing your rocks. I understand how mentally tired and challanged you have become and find no offense in your foolish charges. You can no longer help yourself. I do hope if/when your urinary system becomes so challenged you have the good sense to use Depends.


    • Here is the news that counts. Here is where your focus should be.

      The Fed is dragging its feet hard to keep the type and kind of SIVs they have taken as collateral from bankrupt institutions secret. The reason is simple. If they are total junk (and they probably are) the balance sheet of the Fed would be creamed. This would make Treasury instruments anything but totally creditworthy. It would make it much harder to borrow money, would break the 30 year bond and cream the dollar. It is coming one way or another.

      Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

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