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  • eggsnham007 eggsnham007 Nov 30, 2008 8:24 PM Flag

    Alpha's God, Stein, reads Canu

    " My view is that, given American broad-based committment to free markets, we will see some regulation that will give added visibility to various financial instruments(financial weapons of mass destruction)"

    Hmmmmmm .... well let's start this "visibility" scheme with the Feds $2 Trillion Dollar HANDOUT to some companies or bank(s) by Helicopter Ben and his comrade Paulson. I wouldn't hold my breath though!$2_trillion_handed_out_by_paulson_and_bernanke,_but_who_got_it,_nobody_knows/

    Bottom line is the FOX's are guarding the hen house and they ain't giving up their ULITIMATE POWER of taking care of their cronies.

    IMO the Fed & Treasury will take care of their friends all the while letting their non-friends go bankrupt. I guess donating vast sums to the campaign of the party in power constitutes FRIEND.

    Oh, and speaking about "American broad-based committment to free markets" I'd say it's ONLY LIPSERVICE to the lemmings who need to believe in same. Free Markets in a manipulated Socialistic economy is a pipe dream IMO.

    Commisar eggs N ham

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