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  • j_4_d j_4_d Dec 10, 2008 12:39 PM Flag

    Frank Foresees Sweeping Regulatory Overhaul

    Yo duck... if I were brave enough to go back to trading in the markets, I would be looking for my entry point in the gold market first, and give silver just a bit more room to gather itself. The fundamentals and the technical visuals are finally showing some strength. However, IMHO, the comex is no longer the safest place to gamble on the safety of my fiat dollars given the gravely dangerous situation that looms in the very near triple-witching days and end of contracts showdown. It's the paper against the physical. Their dealings are certainly not something I care to expose myself to, since they are openly less than honest with the public. I'll leave that to people who know better than I, and march to a completely different drummer. I can only say, "to each his own", and may the good Lord smile upon them. Me... like you duck... I'll take the coward's way out, and just keep it simple stupid with the real thing, and let all the rest of those brave and wize souls buy and sell all the paper they care to stake their futures on. I sure don't know everything, however I know what's good for myself, and likely for many others who are not as up to date with the metals markets as both of us, at least around these parts. There seems to be a very strong move in both gold and silver today. The early money could be anticipating something most people aren't going to notice or understand. I guess we'll see. Just hang on to your coins and bars.

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