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  • j_4_d j_4_d Jan 8, 2009 6:19 PM Flag

    Obama's Leadership

    Re: Bottom line, it ain't going to work. The 20 and 30 somethings still can't afford to buy homes.

    Yo canu... I still don't know what planet you're living on when it comes to anything to do with money!!! You say, "it ain't going to work", as if it's something new. Oh it'll work alright! It's been working since the first $700 Billion was thrown away. Now it's only getting worse as planned by your re-elected bosses and it doesn't make a bit of difference who can or cannot afford anything! The more blatant it is, the harder it is to see, by those of you who are blinded to the fact that we're all being raped, and nothing is being done about it. The only people who are smart enough to make a scene and protest about their rights lately are the gay rights freaks in San Francisco. The rest of the walking dead who are waiting excitedly for the coronation of their new royal leader, which used to be called president are too caught up on watching their idol and swooning like teen aged children... no matter how old they are. Age makes no difference anymore. Some of the stupidest people are older than dirt... but are just as numb from the neck up as the new and upcoming generation XXX who are drugged out of their numbed mines. Those are the new leaders baking in the ovens today. They'll be well done before you know it.

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    • j4d, so Obama is not your President? When did you move?

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      • Re: j4d, so Obama is not your President? When did you move?

        Yo cantu... that's not clever or even sleightly cute. I'm positive you're really brighter than reflected in a silly comment like that. You seem fairly well read in several areas, but lacking sadly in the world's financial arena. Use the pogy bait on your other half who's always willing to bite. You both enjoy fishing around in each others pond.

        If it matters about the president elect, I should have been obvious long ago that I wouldn't vote for the president to be, but I do hope he's successful and actually does something productive and positive for the country... although I have strong doubts. He's the best we're going to have, so we'll all have to be subservient to his decisions... both good and bad. If we don't like what we see, we can protest and hope something comes of it. Otherwise, we'll all just have to wait until the next hand picked choices are jammed down the peoples throats. I'm still here in the same place. How about you? Still on planet earth?

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