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  • uglyduck555 uglyduck555 Feb 10, 2009 8:27 AM Flag

    QWAK,IT will be much WORSE than the 30s!

    QWAK,The TOTALY riged global banking system is NOT too big to FALL, in fact IT must FALL and NOTHING they can do can STOP it from FALLING!:(

    It was/is the belief that because it IS so much biger that IT could NOT fail that has percipitated our current situation!

    Been telling you for YEARS this was coming but every one thought the "UGLY DUCK" was CRAZY -- well fact is the UGLY DUCK aint a DUCK but rather a "BLACK SWAN" just trying to WARN others that what they thought (?) did not exist was IN FACT --- REAL!

    the DUCK

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    • Re: What they teach you in school about MONEY --is mostly half truths and out right LIES!!

      Yo duck... when did they start TEACHING in schools? If you are talking about sex and drugs, then I can understand! But definitely not about the economy! I know you have to be joking about the kids learning anything in school. We all know that just by the moronic comments right here on KO, not many have been taught or learned a single thing about economics for almost two generations. So just forget about that silly issue. India and China are way ahead of America in educating their children. Out of 24 countries America ranks 19th in the latest educational comparisons. Unless this country does something about allowing the government to continue the ‘Dumbing Down Of America’, we are only going to turn into complete illiterates and accept anything from the people who have put this country where it is today, and getting progressively worse. Now the Congress openly defies the majority of American’s when they are told overwhelmingly by the people that they don’t want anymore handouts to the banks. The Congress just says we don’t know what’s going on and there’s an emergency that they and only they know how to handle. What a crock! This president doesn’t know how to administer anything. He’s the first president ever to allow the Congress to write a new bill. It’s HIS job to do that, and it’s Congress’ job to go through it and make changes to the president’s bill. Then the President can make the final decision. Congress is not the EXECUTIVE BRANCH. The president is supposed to be the EXECUTIVE!!! BO has NEVER been an executive and is unqualified to do the job of an real executive. All he is doing is continuing to campaign. He’s just selling his image instead of being an executive! This is going to destroy him before the first year of this already failing administration is finally over and finished. BO is soon going to be known as the worst failure as president of all time! He’s going to surpass the failed Carter and Bush administrations! BO would make a great guy to hold press conferences for somebody else so he could use all his natural talent for bullsh*ting! He’d make a great host in a casino! The guy’s got a great personality and a natural smile that draws instant acceptance. But an administrator? Gfaw… he's not even close. The real irony of it all, is that it's a tribute to his ability to sell himself and win approval. Everyone that he claimed had no experience, were actually more qualified than BO himself! The childish groupies were easily led to believe HIM, instead of the real people with the talent and ability to make serious presidential decisions. BO even has the track record as a flunky senator with a record of no votes. When he was called, he very often just said ‘present’. That way he could claim a bad bill wasn't his fault. The only thing that’s NEW with BO’s administration is that we’ve got a real fraud ducking the issues pretending to be presidential. It looks like that crackpot Rev. Wright in Chicago was right when he repeatedly said, “God Dam America”, but BO was never ‘PRESENT’. America is getting exactly what it asked for and it’s only going to get WORSE. RIP.

    • QWAK,day.old_don...,"Duck is truly a remarkable indivigual." -- some have said STRANGE and even CRAZY or INSAINE -- especialy when I tried to tell them HOW to buy REAL PHYSICLE GOLD at ZERO INTRIST for a YEAR and GOLD was under $400.00! :)

      Thank you for your KIND words! :)

      the DUCK

    • QWAK,BUY GOLD -- PHYSCLE GOLD -- it is the ONLY real MONEY -- every thing else is just a poor SUBSTITUTE for GOLD!!!

      Do NOT become DISTRACTED by all the talk and conveluted alternitives that are nothing more than GAMBELING with most the TRUE RISKS hidden in the fine print!:(

      the DUCK

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