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  • mrsippi05 mrsippi05 Apr 21, 2009 11:16 AM Flag


    Anything subsidized by the government DOES NOT work, that's why the government gives them OUR money.

    When a private company doesn't spend investors monies on a potential money making enterprize it realises a profit will not be made.

    However, the government is NOT CONCERNED about making a profit and will pour hundreds of millions of dollars on a MONEY LOSING enterprise and not bat an eyelash.

    Welcome to the United States Socialist Republic of America.

    The corrupt politicians will now redirect your hard working monies into failed projects.

    All the while our standard of living, and our childrens standard of living will continue to drop.

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    • Good ole Dummy. Blind in his 'good' eye. Heads up, dumb one, Murdock is suffering from the same problem as most of the old media. Aint a liberal or a Con thing. Work on your braille. Ask Canoodle about sharing his 5th grader.


    • Actually Dog, Fibs is geneticly obtuse. He hails from a long line of fibbers bread for their obtuseness. Part of the reason he so easily spiels his Con script. (Punn coincidental)


    • dibbz says > having TWO alfs would be pretty cruel too <

      seemz this woman knows both of em


      / \

    • "azz alfafa an doing the dog r one an the same"

      I tried to warn dog of his similarity to alf, but just couldn't bring myself to say dog is that bad--

      Calling him a turd is one thing, but saying he is alf seems just too cruel.

      On the other hand, having TWO alfs would be pretty cruel too.

      DiB (:-]

    • dibz told doing the dog > your style of debate is limited to crude, arrogant, and sophomoric bullying? It is uncannily similar to alf's mental short-circuitry <

      pssszt - dibz

      guess what - azz alfafa an doing the dog r one an the same

      both of theeze creeps talk the same bull


      / \

      iff they ain't one an the same they probably


      / \

    • Yep, no one is perfect--


    • dog: "Actually to me it doesn't matter."

      If it does not matter, why did you start a thread to accuse those with whom you disagee of selfishness and cowardice? Why do you now back away as it becomes clear to all your style of debate is limited to crude, arrogant, and sophomoric bullying? It is uncannily similar to alf's mental short-circuitry.

      I asked you to enlighten us regarding how you completed one enlistment of six years, and "served every day" of it, if you were only in uniform periodically, usually on infrequent weekends, and "stationed" in your own community. As information, I do regard the National Guard or Reserve as honorable service, but thoughtful vets usually don't try to cite their service to denigrate the fellow citizens they supposedly served and of whom they personally know very little. When they do, they deserve to be challenged on the transgression.

      And how is "Obama way ahead of that [military service?] curve"?

      "How about national service for all 18 year olds? Military or domestic service!" Americans contribute millions of hours to volunteer activities each year. We should defend the country, but don't need the federal government to "make work" for us.

      You can be a hoot too, but your studied confusion continues to reaffirm you are a doofus.

      Of course no one is perfect--


    • dog, in the process of affirming doofusiosity, you demanded: "Document your accusation"

      Your words:

      Re: Subsidies.. Re: IF "RENEWABLE ENERGY" WORKED, PRIVATE BUSINESS WOULD TRY TO PROFIT 23-Apr-09 06:04 pm "the Iraq comment indicates you disagree with conservative expenses"

      Good lord son. The Iraq war was supported in a mostly bipartisan fashion. I said mostly! No one, I said no one, anticipated the level of Bush incompetence in the planning, execution, and management of the war. Are you saying that if Wolfowitz had said that the US taxpayers would be on the hook for better than $1T in his pre-war testimony, YOU would have supported borrowing the money to wage a war in defense of the nation. Say it ain't so!

      Our involvement in Iraq has cost us roughly $650B. You should realize Ft Bragg was an example, that only a fraction of the Iraq force came from/will return to Ft Bragg, which is part of my point. The Department of Defense certainly knows differences between geographic positioning, but it doesn't track theoretical costs in one location when a combined arms force is stationed in another.

      If you are not being deliberately obtuse, you are in big trouble.


    • Hmmm could liberalism finally be catching up with all those one sided biased and less than truthful but carefully re-worded reports? Even the once well respected New York Times along with their Boston Globe failure, due to over liberalizing and distorting the news is losing readership and costing them a fortune. Good for them. They've worked long and hard to deserve everything they've earned. Stick it to 'em people. LOL


    • Yo mrsippi... unfortunately you're right!

      But... nobody's listening and everybody's happy, happy, happy... and a great big BOOYAA for The Great One... El Presidente... Barak Hussein... what's his name?

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