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  • mrsippi05 mrsippi05 Apr 22, 2009 7:42 PM Flag

    Educational Gap

    regard - I think it clear that additional investment in Education is in our national interest.

    respond - As long as the existing educational system is in place giving more money to a failed socialistic educational model it will continue to fail.

    School vouchers whereby parents have a say in placing thier loved ones in a school of their choice is the only answer to our present disastorous educational policy.

    Competition will force our existing school system to improve, but throwing more money down the present system's rat hole will keep our students dumb and dumber.

    IMO Liberals have taken over our educational system and have turned it into a disaster.

    Note that almost all, if not all, of the Washington D.C. politicians send their kids to PRIVATE SCHOOLS all the while praising public education.

    Doing what they do best ..... do as I say not as I do.

    Maybe if our politicians were forced to send their kids to public schools they would vote for the school voucher program.

    Until that happens, our educational system will continue to fail.

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    • "There are some hopeful signs. President Obama recognizes that we urgently need to invest the money and energy to take those schools and best practices that are working from islands of excellence to a new national norm. But we need to do it with the sense of urgency and follow-through that the economic and moral stakes demand."

      Translation: Give me more money to shovel into the NEA incinerator and help me keep my constituents bought.

      Maybe those students who are failing should convert to Islam and attend the president's school(?) Or, if being Islamic isn't politically expedient at the moment, maybe he could just personally pay to have all kids attend the $30K/year school his daughters attend(?)

      We do have one certainty: alf's seal-nostril-hair-size brain doesn't do well submerged in crap--


    • I think we should certainly emplement several voucher districts and study whether and where vouchers improve education. Hope you are forcefully working for such a program in your local school district.


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