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  • klaus702 klaus702 Apr 27, 2009 5:14 PM Flag

    Educational Gap

    Majority of countries in the world doesn't have free education as we have in the my observation has nothing to do with how much the taxpayers has to pay for one's education but rather it depends on the student. If one is interested in learning they can even do it themselves (i.e. Lincoln).

    I believe the problem in this country is the free education...John Payne once said "What we obtain cheaply we esteem too lightly". This is the problem we have people are so used to getting something free that they just don't care.

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    • "...we have people are so used to getting something free that they just don't care."

      Klaus, I think there is much truth in your comment. It applies to public education, to corporate fringe benefits, and elsewhere people don't fully comprehend what others do for them.

      It is a big reason government should assume the minimum controls necessary for our security and general welfare. When resources are thrown into a central "pot", and those withdrawing from the "pot" have not been accustomed to self-evaluation, self-education, and self-discipline, the almost certain result will be waste by the withdrawers and embitterment among those inordinately forced to throw into the "pot". Even though many would prefer to be self-sufficient, the option will not be available to them. The inevitable result will be an increase in the number of withdrawers. I think it is called socialism...


      • 1 Reply to dawnisbreaking

        No wonder Buffett is all FOR BO!!! Both are less than candid and honest when it comes to the American public who are at their mercy when it comes to investing their money based on what they are told to believe.

        America... you are fools and you are the one's who will pay for the untold truths that the big power brokers withhold in order to control the minds of the victims... you. Wall Street and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue... don't give a rat's a$$ about a single one of you, me or anyone else as long as they know you're gullible fools who will listen and believe anything they need to say that gives them the power to keep you where they want you. They need you. You don't need them.

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